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I have two major email distribution lists – one for people who want to participate in the free monthly group healing session and one for my Healing & Enlightenment E-Course.

I notice that a LOT of people who sign up for the Healing & Enlightenment E-Course do not join the monthly group healing session and I think a lot of it is because they do not realize there are two lists.

I still vividly remember the first time I worked with a spiritual healer. I was looking up information on an Australian ascension web site and the owner of the site wrote a glowing report about the energetic healing and clearing work they had received from two American spiritual healers.

I wasn’t familiar with energy healing at all and to be honest it felt like a scam to me. But I kept being drawn to that page because my dearest desire in my heart at that time and even now was to be as energetically clear as I possibly can be.

I was pretty fed up with the miserable emotional roller coaster and drama of mass consciousness and I was looking for ways to escape it.

Eventually I summoned up the courage to contact the two healers to find out what I needed to do to work with them.

My initial enthusiasm plummeted when they told me that all I had to do was send them $100 in cash to a post office box and they would do the work when they could and email. My reaction to that was – what a flakey way to do business.

But what the heck it was only $100 and I was making a lot of money in the 3D world so I went for it.

I forgot about it but around ten days later, I felt this immense sense of well being and clarity. It was lovely! When I got home I received an email from the two healers telling me what they did but I was very impressed.

That very positive first experience with energy healing planted the seeds for me choosing to become a healer two years later and actually the first class I took was with those two healers.

When I began healing though, I wanted to provide a way for people to explore spiritual healing in a safe environment without any financial risk to themselves and that is why I offer this free group healing session each month as well as numerous free video and audio recordings.

I model the free monthly group healing sessions after the series of transmissions I send to participants in my Daily Healing Support Program. These transmissions cover things like:

Receive a Divine Ideal Clearing and Healing Blast;
Heal energetic weaknesses, illness and disease;
Clear, heal, balance and upgrade your chakras and meridians;
Feel good, look great and experience your optimal health;
Clear negative energies from your body, consciousness and home;
Love, trust, accept and forgive yourself, others and Spirit;
Get rid of fear, stress, self sabotage and other downer emotions;
Heal and release your past so you can live in the present moment;
Clear, heal and release addictions and cravings ;
Release lack and scarcity consciousness and much more!

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