About My Healing & Enlightenment E-Course

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I have two major email distribution lists – one for people who want to participate in the free monthly group healing session and one for my Healing & Enlightenment E-Course.

I notice that a LOT of people who sign up for the free healing group do not join the Healing & Enlightenment E-Course and I think a lot of it is because they do not realize there are two lists.

Spiritual healing has changed a lot since I began doing this work in 2001. When I began out, there wasn’t nearly as much information out and not nearly as much email going out. OH HAPPY DAYS!!!

Whenever I began working with new clients, I often was answering the same questions over and over again.

I began keeping track of them and for the most common questions, I began writing out a series of articles that I called Mastery Training Modules. Some of the areas I covered were things like the importance of discernment; how to play nicely with others energetically; why do spiritual people struggle so much with money, etc. Eventually I created over 45 of them.

After doing this a while, I began getting a lot of short quick insights that while very valuable in and of themselves there just wasn’t enough information to make up an article. So I began sending out a series of Seeds of Mastery messages – short, user-friendly healing and enlightenment sound bites so to speak.

A lot of my clients really liked them because they broke down very complex stuff into bite-sized pieces that were easier to digest than some of the meatier Mastery Training Modules. And I added an affirmation to each of the Seeds of Mastery messages that tapped into the power of some of my advanced clearing tools to help people to clear out their inner resistance and self sabotage that they naturally have with using affirmations.

The combination of the Mastery Training Module weekly articles and the smaller but more numerous Seeds of Mastery images comprise the core of my free Healing & Enlightenment E-Course.


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