That’s right, scenario #1!
My Daily Financial Support Can Get You to Scenario #1

You won’t feel overwhelmed.  Instead you will feel more peaceful and relaxed about money. 

The Daily Financial Support Program Delivers Healing Support: 
To help you eliminate everything you feel, think, say or do that repels money away from you.
Begin to clear, heal and release your money blocks and establish abundance and prosperity. 
Heal the relationship that you have with money.
Improve your mental resilience in regards to money. No more stress and worry.
Help you to eliminate  overspending and financially sabotaging your relationship with money.
Eliminate the financial fear that you have.  No more stress and anxiety. 
I also will include you in the VIP Club as well each month so you can receive the three group healing sessions and free weekly activations that I share with VIP Club Members! 
Ultra-Affordable Like I Promised:

You will get all of this in my Daily Financial Support Program EVERY DAY for just $2 a day - just $57 for a month! Each and every day you will receive over 20 healing transmissions to help you improve your relationship with money and take charge of your personal finances. 

After all, it’s YOUR MONEY and not the other way around.

Guided Meditation MP3s

My series of guided meditations are some of the most powerful healing and enlightenment products I have ever created. Whenever I feel stuck, I often relisten to them and I always get amazing results.These cover areas like Embodying Our Soul, Healing Our Back, Opening to Receive, etc.

Daily Financial Support Program

Money trouble? Spend more than you earn? Never seem to get ahead? Tired of financial struggle? 
Maybe you feel unlucky; that money is evil; rich people are bad; you have to "work hard to succeed" or the only way you can get ahead is to win the lottery? 

You’re not alone. Most of us have financial problems, money blocks and negative financial programming that sabotages our success.

  People are always worried about keeping up with bills and having some money left over to enjoy their lives with. Yet most people just can’t seem to catch up and then…get ahead.

It almost feels as if you REPEL money away from you, doesn't it?  It slips through your fingers, never accumulates and at the end of the week you’re always asking yourself,“Where did all my money go”?  Like I said, you’re not alone.  The financial struggle is real and you’re getting tired of it.

Get The Daily Financial Support You Need to Succeed! 

I’m glad you found me. And you’ll be glad, too. Because I can help.

One of my greatest passions in life is to help people, just like you, to shift their focus from beating themselves up about money to allowing money to flow to them – easily and effortlessly.

We can all have a good relationship with money and I’m here to help you to heal your relationship with money so you can attract, receive and have more of it.

Don’t think that your relationship with money is too far gone.  I used to be in a bad space around money as well and as I began to heal my relationship with money, I began to attract a LOT more money to me.  If I can do it, so can you!


The Daily Financial Support Program

My Daily Financial Support Program was designed specifically for people who are having money relationship issues and how to better handle that relationship.  Your financial circumstances can permanently change for the better with this program!

It has proven to help people’s money situations go from scarcity and want to abundance and possession and I have made it super ultra-affordable for you.

I do this by helping you to release negative financial programming from the inside out by changing your consciousness. You see the major difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people think differently about money.

It is almost as if they have a different operating system from people who struggle with money. As you eliminate your money blocks and release financial anxiety, stress, tension and worry, you will easily and effortlessly shift from repelling money away from you to attracting money to you.

Let’s look at two different examples of consciousness when it comes our attitudes towards money:

Can you see the difference?  Care to take a guess at which scenario the person is happier in? Who do you think is more likely to attract, receive and have more money, wealth, abundance, prosperity and success? 

Daily Healing Support for Busy People!

Finding Bill was one of the best discoveries of my life. In the last six months, I have been a part of Bill's Daily Financial Healing Program and Rainbow Healing Program. 
To begin with, the download page that comes with the Rainbow Healing Program is filled with amazing audios I couldn't live without on a daily base. When my back was in pain, I listened to Bill's healing audio for neck/back/nervous system, and the next day the pain was completely gone. There was no longer a need to see a chiropractor. A stressful day was transformed instantly with an audio for anxiety and stress. When I eat too many sweets, I listen to the one for craving and weight control. There is an audio to heal one's body, mind, spirit, relationships, finances, and almost every area of life. When I listen to these audios, I feel the presence of the angels and higher beings. And I always feel a shift in consciousness afterwards. 
Since Bill began working on me, I found the job of my dreams. Out of the blue, my family surprised us with a beautiful home by the lake as a Christmas present. More importantly, the healing energies have propelled me to dedicate more of my life to spiritual pursuits. Since finding Bill sin months ago, I have felt a profound internal shift, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 
I believe Bill is one of those people who came to heal and uplift our planet. He is one of the most amazing energy healers I have ever encountered!!! 

Derek S, London 

Each Day you will receive consistent, systematic financial healing support.

The Secret to Money is How it Makes You Feel in Your Heart and Soul -

Scenario #1:  You have the person that feels relaxed, unburdened and centered when they start to think about money. They are grounded and have full confidence that their money is not a problem but a blessing.  They are in tune and already have a confident handle on money matters. 

Scenario #2:  On the other hand, you have a person that immediately starts to get fidgety and worried when they start to think about pay day, paying bills, investing, groceries and the like.  This person becomes a ball of stress when it comes to money matters and may try to avoid thinking about it altogether.

All this for just $57 a month or $160 a month when you order all four Daily Support Programs at the same time.

At NO RISK to You!
My Thirty Day
Money Back Guarantee

All of my Healing Support Programs are backed by my famous "up to the last minute" 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee - so you take no risk when you join now! Cancel at any time — even up to the last minute of the first thirty days after you join one — and receive a full refund of every penny you paid. I'm that confident that you'll LOVE this program. I'm betting you won't even think of asking for a refund once you EXPERIENCE the amazing healing results from working with me!

Ordering Information:
Healing Support for One Person - $57 a Month Recurring
All Four Daily Support Programs - $160 a Month Recurring
Do YOU Share YOUR Home with a Furry Friend?

If so, you know how precious they are and how much caring, love, joy and happiness they contribute to our life! I share my home with three little, extremely spoiled, Yippy-yappy Yorkie princesses but I can't imagine life without them! Our animal companions also take on a lot of the negative energies all around us and they deserve a break for their loving care for us. I offer a Daily Pet Healing Support Program for $10 a month to help our furry, winged and finned friends out! 

I want to enroll one of my pets in Bill's Daily Pet Healing Support Program on PayPal for $10 a month recurring.

Feedback from Some of My Many Happy Clients

“Thank you Bill. You have offered many free healing & life changing videos on youtube. You are truly a healers' healer and I am so grateful to have your assistance! Namaste!”

Tarek Bibi



“Bill and I met at a healing workshop. Bill was different since he was so focused on finding out what energy modalities could help others. He is humble, has integrity, and actually cares for his clients .”

“I started working with Bill’s healing products back in 2006. They have helped me so much. I would hate to think what my life would be like without them. I also strongly recommend the UCP he offers.” 

Michael Curren

Green Bay,


Alexander Baggett

Dallas/Fort Worth,


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