Energy Healing 101: FIVE Things Everyone Should Know About Energy


1.  Understand How People, Events and Activities Influences YOU Energetically

Everything we do and everyone we interact with has an energy signature. There are three ways we respond to the energy of the people, events and activities in our life.

Usually we are neutral energetically to most activities, circumstances and people so doing something or hanging out with someone often do not change our vibration much either way.

We are negatively impacted by those activities, circumstances and people that either lower our personal energy level or drain us energetically or contract and close down our heart. Often we feel that time slows down.We are positively impacted by those activities, circumstances and people that raise our personal energy, increase our vitality and expand our heart. Often we feel that time speeds up and we may even lose track of time altogether.

2.  Let YOUR Feelings Become YOUR GPS

Now that you understand the three ways you are influenced energetically, it is time to get more in tune with your feelings. Ask yourself often throughout the day –How do I feel?

If you feel really good, then you are moving in the right direction but if you feel really bad you need to reset the energy of your day. The easiest way for me to do this is to go to the beach but often taking a five minute walk outdoors can help as well.

As you begin to become more aware of your feelings, you usually will find yourself making different choices. You begin doing more of the things that feel good and less of the things that feel bad.

3.  Be True to YOU

As you begin to become more attuned to how you feel, you often will find that you feel well when you do things that are authentic and aligned with your heart and soul and to feel less well when you do things that are not authentic and that are more aligned with your mind and personality self.

We all begin life by being true to ourselves but over time we find that if we modify our behavior we can make our parents happier or our friends and partners will like us more or our boss will give you a raise. Ultimately we pay a big price for not being authentic and true to ourselves because every time we do this, we give away our power to other people and deplete us energetically and then you come to people like me to try to fix your life.

4.  Does This Help Me to Love, Trust and Accept Myself More?

The best way to begin living a more authentic life and being true to you is to focus on loving, trusting, accepting and forgiving yourself. Your outer world is created from within. Every area of your life that causes you pain mirrors back to you something deep within yourself that is coming up to be cleared, healed and released.

One of the most effective ways to heal yourself and enhance the quality of your life is each day to love, trust, accept and forgive yourself more than the day before. A good way to start this process is to ask often throughout the day: Does doing this help me to love, trust and accept myself more? If it does, do it and if it does not, find out what does and do that instead.

5.  YOUR Life is YOUR Path

As you make loving, trusting and accepting yourself your top priority in life, you begin to realize that your soul attracts into your life, everything that you need to heal yourself and to grow spiritually. No one is more aware of your top priority healing needs than your soul and it is a master of rearranging your life to bring whatever you need to you in the most perfect possible way.

Most people begin their spiritual path by looking outside of themselves for insight, wisdom and guidance but at some point most of us have to create our own path to the top of the mountain. We can only walk in the footprints of others for only so long before the pain and discomfort force us to march to our inner drummer.

About Bill Austin

Bill Austin is a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in St Petersburg FL. He has been working full time as an energy healing facilitator for over nine years and has trained healers in over 16 countries. Bill specializes in distant energy healing and healer training.

  • Kmuhumuza


    “Letting Go” of All that we are hooked to somewhat frees us. at times we don’t know what we are energetically clinging to, which drains us more and more. only after “letting Go” at times shows us how our energy field has been “leaking”. we often hold onto people, things, thoughts etc which never allows us to “MARCH TO OUR INNER DRUMMER”. usually its the FEAR of “Letting Go”. uncomfortable inner Questions such as “How will i go on without my partner ? “, “how will i survive alone without the company of my buddies ? “, “will i cope with the new surrounding after shifting from this neighborhood that has been my home since so many years ago? “. All this becomes a continuous mental movie and the more we play it, the more we are drained; the more we unknowingly move from our CENTER; yet by simply “LETTING GO”…….we will not “drown”. we are just a drop falling into the Ocean. whether we allow to drop into the Ocean or Not is our own initiative, thus “LETTING GO” and All will be taken care of. As you say……….”your soul attracts into your life, everything that you need to heal yourself and to grow spiritually. No one is more aware of your top priority healing needs than your soul and it is a master of rearranging your life to bring whatever you need to you in the most perfect possible way”. ( when we “LET GO”, the Soul perhaps does its own thing-its own way, even though we may not consciously know what is happening, it only happens for our most Highest Good. even the painful lessons, however painful, however heartbreaking, when we are in the “LET GO”, we simply “Witness” and TRUST. we have been doers for so long. its our ancient mechanism of survival, so deeply instilled but how did the Taoist sages recognize the secret/s of “WU WEI” (“Non-Doing” )(To do Nothing and yet everything gets accomplished ).

    Below is a snippet of something i read on the web about the true art of “QI GONG”–while “LETTING GO”……

    “The secret of having a peaceful mind is to have a contented heart with little desire. We are contented for being an ordinary person. We understand we are born with nothing, we leave this world with nothing, and we really own nothing- nothing is truly ours. So we have very little desire and very little expectation in our ordinary life. When we do something for others, we do not really expect a return. Our motto is “Kindness is our root, tolerance is foundation, and to yield is the best policy.” The best state of mind in qigong practice is when we forget our illness, forget our worries, forget our environment, and finally, we even forget ourselves. And in our daily life, we will not engage in excessive pursuit, or holding on to much on anything or any objective. There is nothing that I must have. On the other hand, we are just like a farmer who focuses on tilling the ground, and forgets about the harvest. We only think about helping other people, but not expecting a return. In this way, we can easily enter a good qi gong state”

  • Kmuhumuza

    Bill can you please share something about the Healing properties of gemstones/Crystals, as we go about our awakening Journeys……?
    Edgar Cayce, the famous American Psychic had alot to say about the Healing properties of gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli-from during the ancient days of Atlantis and Lemuria.

    Have you had some personal experiences working with gemstones in your energy healing modalities…..? would appreciate so much to get some insights from you as an experienced practitioner…

    Thanks alot,



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