I have been helping healers, light workers and highly evolved souls to heal, grow and succeed for over fourteen years. My passion in life is to help people get clear so they can do what they came here to do. Over the last fourteen years, I have created numerous spiritual healing modalities and self help tools to help my clients - many of whom are healers themselves. I have trained healers in over seventeen countries. I carefully reviewed all of the energy healing techniques, modalities and tools I have created and I placed the most important ones on this web site.


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  Healers Need Support Too!



Why YOU Should Learn Energy Healing Techniques from Bill

  • I have over fourteen years of experience helping others and over nine years of experience in training healers in over sixteen countries.
  • I offer personal use attunements for people who want to tap into my powerful healing tools and techniques to simply help themselves. I KNOW that YOU are the expert on your health and I encourage you to work on yourself by providing substantial discounts. I do not feel it is fair to charge you my normal rates because, unlike healers, you will not be able to recoup part of your investment in training from working with others.
  • I know how aggravating it is to have to travel all over the country to get the healer training you need and how disruptive this is on  your home and work life because I have been there and done that. I specialize in creating user-friendly healer training programs that people can learn at their own pace in their own home. In other words, you do not have to pay for airfare, hotel or restaurants when you learn from me.
  • I know that often healing is easy and that the hardest challenge healers often face is how to stay clear, calm and centered while helping others.  In my healing modalities, generally the role of the healer is to hold a space and to set the intent for healing - the Creator and the soul of the client does the healing work and heavy lifting. You can help others without taking on their issues and draining your energy and taking on other people's energy to help your customers.
  • My soul purpose and spiritual gift is to help you to heal yourself and raise your vibration so you can get clear enough to do what you came here to do. I know that many of you have important work of your own and unique healing and spiritual gifts that you want to get out to the world. A lot of healer training programs are great at teaching you a modality but they do not help you to raise your vibration so that you can stay clear while working with others. Often this extremely important topic is not even discussed or addressed in most healer training courses.
  • Each of my six energy healing technique modules contains some clearing activations to help you to heal yourself,  raise your vibration and realize more of your full potential. I have also included my Healer Support Package of MP3 Sound Healing Recordings that help healers prepare for and to stay clear throughout a healing session.
  • Each spiritual healing technique I create approaches healing from a different angle or perspective. The more angles you approach healing and the more tools you have, the more effective your healing becomes.



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About the Magical Zapper Healer Training Module

When I began consciously walking the spiritual path, it was really difficult and challenging for me. I would get so triggered emotionally and at that time I did not have any tools or techniques to assist me to clear. I used to day dream about having a magical way to zap all the stuff that surfaced in my life as I grew personally and spiritually. Nine years later it got a lot easier when I began working with spiritual healers. I was so excited about the potential of energy healing to transform our lives that I decided to begin doing this myself. Basically the Magical Zapper Tool taps into all of clearing and healing work that I have downloaded and incorporates it into one very powerful clearing tool. The purpose of the Magical Zapper Tool is to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings across time, space, directions, dimensions, vectors and angles.  

Personal Use Attunement

  1. I am now attuning people to access and utilize the Magical Zapper Tool for their personal use only.
  2. The cost of the Personal Use Attunement is $180.
  3. I will attune you within four business days after I receive the order.
  4. After I attune you, I will send you a manual for the Magical Zapper Tool.

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About the Self Help Tools Healer Training Module!

After I finished writing my free e-book on vibrational color healing art, I asked what my next project was. I got that I needed to create some simple, self help tools for clearing, healing, blasting negativity and enhancing positivity. I played around with several approaches to this but none of them felt right energetically. I really wanted to create some very simple, easy-to-use tools that everyone could easily access and apply to receive as much clearing, healing and energetic support as they could with ease, grace and divine ideal integration. The first one that came in was for clearing; the second one was for healing and the third one was for joy. Then after a break of several days the last one came in for freedom. You can learn more about this healer training module by clicking on the "Learn More" button below!


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About the Blasting Sessions Healer Training Module!

Several years ago I was doing a lot of phone sessions and the same themes often cropped over and over again for many of my clients. I began creating healing profiles for common things like blasting money blocks, or clearing a client's home, or getting rid of non-them energies. These mini blasting/clearing/healing sessions were so powerful that I began offering them as a stand alone service for many years. A year or two later, I began attuning other healers to access and utilize this powerful set of over 20 healing profiles.


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About the Universal Clearing Profile Healer Training Module!

  It occurred to me weveral years ago that I was spending a lot of time clearing myself and it would be easier to ask for and download a Universal Clearing Profile to go after things like this rather than spending as much time and energy as I was. I have been using the Universal Clearing Profile feels much much more effective than my previous approach to clearing on an ad hoc basis and much quicker and easier as well. Often I don't have to figure things out - unless it is an important insight that will contribute to my mastery and growth. In early 2013, I downloaded the Magical Zapper Tool which I now use more than the UCP but they are both great products!


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About the Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Healer Training Module!

  • It is really funny to me how I come full circle on things. The very first energy healing training I ever did was to become attuned to Levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki. Even though I knew my work would be more remote than hands on, I began out with Reiki largely because everyone I knew who did energy healing work was a Reiki Master.
  • The night I was attuned for Usui Reiki Level 2, I was reading the manual and I got in a dither because I was afraid if I did the distant healing symbol wrong I would mess up my remote healing work. I meditated to still my mind and when I did so I felt this very loving connection open up with a very loving and honoring group of beings. When I asked who they were, they told me they were the Guardians of the Reiki Energies and they told me not to worry about the symbols, they would work with me if I needed to send Reiki energies to anyone.
  • Several years later in 2004, I did a huge exchange with a very gifted Reiki Master in Canada and he attuned me as a Reiki Master in several traditions - Usui, Karuna, Lightarian, Ascension, Violet Flame, etc. and when that trade was made I sort of got that the Reiki Guardians were behind the deal.
  • Anita, Rama and I are working on an Inner Mastery Tool project to assist folks with Reiki and when I went within to download image ideas for the manual - instead what wanted to come in was this very beautiful iridescent rainbow of crystalline templates. When I asked what this was I had the sense of connecting yet again with the Guardians of Reiki Energies and they told me that I was being entrusted as the steward or guardian of a new, heart paradigm reformulation of Reiki that they called Crystalline Rainbow Reiki:

How Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Differs from the More Traditional Forms of Reiki

There are four major differences:  
  • Does NOT use symbols - Everything is intent based.
  • Based in the Heart more than in the hands.
  • Works for all levels and planes of reality ? Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and beyond.
  • Works across time, space, dimensions to heal things from past, present, parallel and future.


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About the Angelic Heart Star Reiki Healer Training Module!

In October 2011, I began doing free group healing sessions once a month. The second month that I did this, I felt immersed in this loving pink ball of energy. When I asked what it was, the Angels called it Angelic Heart Star Reiki. It was a very powerful refined energy to help people to open their hearts and to heal them as well. I got later when I meditated about this that emotional healing is extremely important now because what blocks people the most on growing personally and spiritually is emotional abuse, trauma and wounding. People have to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve these patterns in order to align with the Heart Paradigm on Gaia. I understand now that Angelic Heart Star Reiki is sort of a joint venture between my soul, the Angelic Councils of Love and the Guardians of the Reiki Healing Rays.  


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