(Free MP3) Healing For Grief/Loss/Excessive Sadness

Over the last few years, my parents’ physical, emotional and mental health and well-being has gone down a lot. When I was home during the holidays, I took on a lot of this type of energy and I have spent the last month or two clearing out these patterns and program.

I realize that the last few years, I have been in a grieving process where I feel I am losing my parents and I feel hopeless to do anything about it. When the accident first happened I went through the initial stages of grieving.

I spent a lot of time initially immersed in denial about the severity of the situation because I did not want to believe that what had happened had actually occurred.  I then moved into anger about what had happened; followed by sadness/sorrow and I am moving toward acceptance.

I find that I zig back and forth between these areas depending on how well Mom and Dad are doing. It is especially challenging when I go home to Virginia to see them. This year was particularly hard because I am not sure how much longer they can remain living at home which sent me into a very angry depressed state.

Last month, for one of the group healing sessions, I created a short healing mp3 for Grief/Grieving and I feel it is so important that I am letting people on my newsletter list download it for free.




Potluck Group Healing Session on February 15th for Healing Grief/Sorrow/Loss/Broken Heart

After reflecting on this topic more, I realize that the short audio I created did not cover a LOT of things I would like to clear within myself so I decided to make this area the focus for the February 15th Potluck Group Healing Session.

Grief is a much broader spectrum than I initially realized. Whenever we feel a sense of loss or regret or disappointment or even frustration often grief underlies that life experience. As I look back on my life I see it as a series of steps and transitions from one way of being to another.

Leaving home to go to college at William and Mary; leaving college to work as an economist in Washington DC; leaving the Bureau of Labor Statistics to attend law school at UVA; moving to Philadelphia and later Denver and Florida, etc.

Some of the common incidents of grieving revolves around:

  • Starting or ending romantic relationships, marriage and partnerships;
  • Starting or ending school, job and work environments;
  • Losing your health or witnessing someone close to you losing their health;
  • Losing one of our pets or furry friends;
  • Death of a beloved friend, family member or partner, etc.

And of course there are the five stages of grief/grieving:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

As a healer some of the areas I want to work with in this potluck healing include but are not limited to:

  • Forgiving ourselves, others and Spirit;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing karma and unresolved issues associated with loss of loved ones, family, friends and partners.
  • Clearing, healing and releasing emotional trauma, pain, armoring, suffering and inner child wounding;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing overlaying energies from other people that do not belong energetically to us;
  • Energetic soul and heart fragments return and retrieval;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing our past and our attachment to our past and status quo;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing regret, loss and disappointment;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing not wanting to be here or to be in our body;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing energetic entanglement with others;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing feeling abandoned, deserted and betrayed by another;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing feeling hopeless, powerless and overwhelmed;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing anxiety, fear, stress, tension and worry;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing challenges to sleeping easily, deeply and well each night;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing addictive, obsessive and compulsive patterns, influences, energies and programs;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing fear and negative programming around relationships, grieving, aging, death and dying from our family, religious and mass consciousness;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing living in the past or recreating the past into the NOW;
  • Clearing, healing, releasing and upgrading relationships;
  • Clearing, healing, releasing and upgrading jobs, careers and employment statuses;
  • Clearing, healing, releasing and upgrading broken-heartedness, loneliness isolation and alienation;
  • Clearing, healing, releasing and upgrading grief, grieving, sadness and excessive sorrow;
  • Clearing, healing, releasing and upgrading denial and anything we say, think, feel or do to avoid the pain from a loss;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing fear of change and resistance to change;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing fear of the future;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing our attachments to people, places, circumstances, conditions, events and our comfort zone;
  • Clearing, healing and releasing feeling stuck in life and unable to move forward in our life.
  • Clearing, healing, releasing and upgrading anger, blame, shame and guilt and all other things I can think to include between now and the fifteenth.

The cost of this group healing session and MP3 is just $47!

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