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Group Healing Sessions

NEW Upgrade to Group Healing Sessions

I am always looking for ways to make these group healing sessions even more magical and powerful than they curtently are. I am now including in each Thursday night group healing session a mini activation recording that also contains five healing transmissions from my color healing deck of cards. The first one I created was a Soul Mirroring Activation to Release Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Tension and Worry.

Click on this graphic to listen to the recording!

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Sleep Easily Deeply and Well

Dec 31 (10 pm)

Release Self Sabotage and Addictions

Jan 5 (10 PM)

Release Fear and Downer Emotions

Jan 12 (10 PM)

Skyrocket YOUR Vibration!

Jan 26 (10 PM)

Playing Nicely with Others

Feb 2 (10 PM)

Quantum Healing

Jan 19 (10 PM)

Heart Oriented Ascension

Feb 9 (ten pm)

Financial Peace and Release Money Blocks

Jan 26 (10 PM)


These group healing sessions focus on the most important healing needs for spiritual seekers, lightworkers, starseeds and healers. In these magical sessions, I ask the Creator to transmit these group healing sessions to your heart from mine through distant healing which I feel is safer energetically for my empathic clients.

What You Get 

There are two parts to each group healing session


The first part of the group healing session will be a transmission of twenty healing and enlightenment sessions that cover the most universal areas for each topic. 


During the second part of each session, I will work with the Creator and your soul to transmit healing to help you with the highest priority areas that are chosen by your soul. If you send me an email about what intent you have around the healing, I will transmit healing energies to assist you in all of the areas you mention in the email. I strongly encourage you to do this! 

"I have been doing Bull's healing sessions for several years and have benefited greatly with each one. I feel myself healing and growing through each of Bill's group healing sessions that I participate in. I greatly appreciate the skills that Bill shares with us to heal not only ourselves but the Whole. For as we heal, the Whole heals and we come closer to Heaven on Earth. Bill assists us in finding our Heaven on Earth. Thank you, Bill, for all you do for not only myself but also for the Whole." 

- Valerie W, Florida 
Let YOUR Light Shine

Feb 23 (ten pm)


Ordering Information

The cost of each Thursday Night Group Healing Session is $27.

Realize YOUR Full Potential!

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Free Healing

My BEST Value 

Clients usually prefer to either receive heeling services or to order heeling products. However. often the most effective way to accelerate your heeling and spiritual growth is to combine both or these approaches. Participants in my Rainbow Healing Membership Program receive daily healing support Iron me as well as access to over 100 of my most powerful healing and enlightenment products. 

Books From

Bill Austin

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Bill Austin


Please note that our energy healing books, products, sessions & services are not meant to be medical or psychiatric treatment nor replace such treatment. All healing that occurs in any session comes from your soul. Bill merely facilitates this process & holds a space for healing to occur. Bill Austin occasionally recommends books that he enjoys but he is an affiliate with Amazon. 

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I offer a free group healing session for over 2100 participants at ten pm ET on the fast Wednesday of each month. The focus of this healing is to help you to clear anxiety stress, fear, tension and worry; heal energetic weaknesses and imbalances and realize your full potential. 

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Feedback from Some of My Many Happy Clients

“Thank you Bill. You have offered many free healing & life changing videos on youtube. You are truly a healers' healer and I am so grateful to have your assistance! Namaste!”

Tarek Bibi



“Bill and I met at a healing workshop. Bill was different since he was so focused on finding out what energy modalities could help others. He is humble, has integrity, and actually cares for his clients .”

“I started working with Bill’s healing products back in 2006. They have helped me so much. I would hate to think what my life would be like without them. I also strongly recommend the UCP he offers.” 

Michael Curren

Green Bay,


Alexander Baggett

Dallas/Fort Worth,


Best Selling Programs and Products

Guided Meditation MP3s

My series of guided meditations are some of the most powerful healing and enlightenment products I have ever created. Whenever I feel stuck, I often relisten to them and I always get amazing results.These cover areas like Embodying Our Soul, Healing Our Back, Opening to Receive, etc.

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