Create YOUR Own Healing Sessions


Can’t Find A Energy Healing or Spiritual Growth Session That Exactly Fits Your Needs?

Now You Can Create Your Own!

Even though the energy healing programs and spiritual growth sessions offered here target a wide range of therapeutic modalities, do you feel like your challenges might require a more personalized approach? Would you prefer to have your unique situation examined more closely for the problems you are facing?

All of this is possible when you order a Create Your Own Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth Session! These personalized sessions are designed especially for the issues and patterns YOU choose to work on. I work directly with the Creator to help correct the underlying patterns and root causes of the challenges that confront you. When you clear these patterns, the problems in your life will usually shift for the better.

Prior to each Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth Session, I will transmit some general balancing frequencies to help you align with Spirit/Creator, and clear out negative or dense energies from your system, aura and home. These balancing frequencies also work to heal a lot of less-than-love issues, release negative egos, tune up your chakras, and generally clear patterns so that your session is more beneficial.

FYI: Often requests for help originate from the ego mind, a state of fear or an active mental body. While Spirit always responds to everyone’s concerns, it may be in a different way than you expect. It has been my experience that the Creator works more with your Over-Soul and God-Self rather than the personality self.


Create Your Own Session Ordering Information:

The Energetic Tune Up session is transmitted to your soul automatically as soon as you place the order! The cost of each personalized Create Your Own Energy Healing and Growth Session is $47, and includes General Balancing. Your sessions will be transmitted within four business days from the receipt of your order. (Sessions will not be transmitted during holidays.)

Create YOUR Own Healing Session PLUS Short Healing MP3 Option:

I am now giving people the option of ordering an short mp3 healing recording to accompany the create your own distant healing session. Basically I will create a personalized healing profile for the session and email you the audio after the session is done. Every time you listen to the recording, it will clear the next pattern and program around the healing session. The cost of the Create Your Own Session PLUS Healing MP3 is $77.

Simply check the box to select your preference, then click on “Add To Cart” to review your order. Proceed to “Check Out Now” to select your payment method, and fill out the secure online order form.

Please give me detailed and specific information in the Special Instructions/Comment section of the order form about your issues, challenges or patterns so that I can provide you the most powerful session possible.

Create YOUR Own Session ($47)
Create YOUR Own Session PLUS Short MP3 Healing Recording ($77)


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