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Heart Oriented Ascension

Heart Oriented Ascension is about getting out of your head and into your heart; living with passion from your heart; choosing love over fear; and embodying the love that you are on the physical plane of reality.

Earth or Gaia as I call prefer to call her is going through a profound spiritual transformation as She shifts from the paradigm of the mind to the paradigm of the heart. Since each human being is a cell in the body of Gaia, we all are going through this profound shift and transformation in consciousness as well. As the planet moves deeper and deeper into the Heart Paradigm, humanity will be challenged to shift and upgrade quickly in order to keep up.

When I was meditating on the Winter Solstice 2012, I got that the energies of the activations I downloaded in early 2008 had percolated energetically enough that I could now begin attuning practitioners to transmit them. Heart Oriented Ascension is an approach to accelerated personal and spiritual growth that is oriented around awakening and activating the multidimensional heart. The Heart Oriented Ascension activations help people to align with the Heart Paradigm so they can live more authentically with love from their heart.

About Heart Oriented Ascension Practitioner Training Level 1

After you have been attuned for me as a Heart Oriented Ascension Practitioner, Level 1, you will be able to transmit to yourself and others:

I have created some video recordings for Unplugging from the Matrix: Parts 1 to 4; the Crystalline Heart DNA Activations: Levels 1 to 3 and all fifty-five of the Heart Activations. I placed these videos on the training download page because I feel that watching these videos BEFORE you are attuned as a Heart Oriented Ascension Practitioner, Level 1 will help prepare you energetically for the attunement.

After you are attuned for Heart Oriented Ascension, Level 1, you may want to retransmit them to yourself as well. The way all of these activations are set up energetically is that each time you receive them, you will download the next level and layer for yourself.

Bonus Gifts

The Heart Oriented Ascension Training download page also contains links to three bonus gifts:

Ordering Instructions

The cost of the Heart Oriented Ascension Practitioner Training, Level One is $900. After you place this order, I will email you a download link page. After you have watched all of the videos on the download page, I will attune you manually for this modality.

Heart Oriented Ascension Level One Practitioner Training
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