Honor How Far YOU Have Come in Your Healing and Growth Adventure

Last week I was interviewed by Sharon Rose Washington of Why We Are Here and one of the questions she asked me was what was my biggest accomplishment. If you want to know my answer click on the link above to the interview.

I was quite taken aback because I don’t really view my life that way anymore. I am very impatient and I always want to be more colorful, happier, healthier, clearer, brighter, better, wealthier and I WANT IT NOW DANG IT!

As I was reflecting upon it, I realize that I view myself as a work in progress and that while I have come a long way, there is always more mastery, love and light that I want to embody.

Sometimes we may get so fixated on realizing our full potential that we don’t appreciate ourselves for the great job and progress we have already made.

So my resolve for this week is to take some time out to honor the progress I have made in my constant quest to be ever bigger, brighter and more sparkly and I encourage you to do so as well.

Of course immediately after the interview, I mentally revisited it and thought of lots of great stuff that I could have said and didn’t so I have some additional homework to do in this area. (ROFLOL which means rolling on the floor laughing out loud)


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