How to Become More Light-Hearted

Ask YOURSELF Often Throughout the Day – Does This Feel Fun?

When I first began attending gatherings of healers and light workers many years ago, I was stunned by how heavy many of them felt to me.

They took everything that happened to them so seriously and many of them would get emotionally triggered by minor things and many of us had a lot of anger toward mass consciousness.

It was like walking on eggshells to attend those events. Not very fun at all.

As I look back on it, I realize that I was making the transition from learning through drama, pain and suffering to learning from joy, happiness and inner peace.

Attending these events really brought home to me the value I placed toward being lighthearted which I define as bridging or merging the light of our soul into our heart.

One of the best techniques I have learned to stay lighthearted throughout the day is to ask myself often “Is this fun” or “Does doing this bring me joy?”

If this does not feel joyful or fun to me, I then ask myself “What can I do NOW that feels fun or will bring more joy to me?”

I challenge each of you to note throughout your day how lighthearted you feel and to ask yourself often throughout the day:

“What can I do NOW that feels fun or will bring more joy to me?”


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