How to Clear Our Energetic Spaces, Fields, Organs, Systems and Bodies


When I began working with spiritual healers many years ago. I was amazed by how good it felt to be clear.

I felt like I had been given a fresh start energetically and that all things were possible for me.

I realized at that moment that if everyone was clear we could live magically and have a wonderful life.

It sounds very simple but this is the reason I chose to become a healer. I hoped to be clearer each day and to help people drawn to work with me to be as clear as they could possibly be.

The healing process often boils down to clearing less-than-love, negative and fearful beliefs, energies, influences and programming and replacing it with love-oriented beliefs, energies, influences and programming.

Perhaps the most important life skill we can learn or master is how to stay as energetically clear as possible.

Several years ago I created a healing art image and mp3 to help people to clear their energetic spaces, fields, organs, systems and bodies. I have decided to share these tools with people who participate in my free group healing session and visitors to my blog site.

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