(MP3) How to Heal YOUR Relationship with YOUR Mother


Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the United States and I decided that it would be a great world service to create a mp3 audio recording to help each of us to heal our relationship with our mother. I have been working on myself in this area for years so I am fairly familiar with a lot of the underlying issues and of course I have helped a lot of clients as well with “Mommy” issues.

When I began working with clients years ago on the telephone, at some point in the healing session, almost always I would sense the presence of the client’s mother.  At first I ignored this and continued on but after this happened several times, I would ask the client if there was anything from early childhood or her mother and father that may have influenced or impacted the area we were working on energetically and often that would trigger the next level and layer of healing.

On this recording we are going to be healing some of the most common patterns that surface energetically in our relationships with our mothers. I encourage each of you to listen to this audio once a day for the next three weeks because each time you do so, it will bring up the next levels and layers of healing. This recording will help each of us to:

  • Clear, heal and upgrade our relationship with our mother;
  • Clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve with love all karma and unresolved stuff between us and our mother;
  • Heart and soul fragments retrieval and return between each of us and our mother;
  • Clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve with love all negative energies from our mother’s bloodline and genetic lineages;
  • Clear, transmute, heal and release all negative energies we received from our conception, living within our mother’s womb, sharing our mother’s blood and our birthing process;
  • Clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve all negative, fearful, traumatic and less-than-love energies each of us received or took on from our mother;
  • Clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve giving away our power or taking power away from our mother;
  • Forgive ourselves and our mother  to the fullest extent that we can at this time;
  • Angelic healing for our relationship with our mother.




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