(Free MP3) How to Release Worry – Three Techniques

One of my bad habits is a tendency to worry about things and to fixate upon the worst possible scenario.

I have a great excuse though in that I got it from my mother and grandmother. My grandmother could have won the International Olympics for Worrying and been in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Laughing out loud – kind of kidding and definitely laughing.

This is a core soul issue for me so it pops up periodically in my life so I can clear, heal and release the next layers and levels of this pattern.

The really important thing ing to understand about worry is that when you are worrying you become a magnet for bad things to happen to you.

Worrying is really visualizing with emotion often the worst possible outcome that the Law of Attraction will send your way.

So you need to shift the energy around worrying as soon as you realize you are engaging in this.

1. Think about it – how often does what you worry about actually happen?

When I think about all the hours I used to spend worrying about money, the truth is that I always have enough money to provide for my needs. Maybe not as much money as I would prefer at times… but still very few of these worry-drenched scenarios ever really manifest. And if you can get to the point that you can look at these patterns and laugh about them, the worry energy will evaporate very quickly.

2. Set aside time each day to do your worrying.

This is the approach Richard Dotts advocates and I love it. He used to worry a lot as well and then he began setting aside ten minutes every day to worry so when worry pops up, he would say you have to wait until the set time. And when the set time came up often the worry had dissipated.

3. Fixate on what is going right in your life – NOT on what is going wrong.

Obsessive fixation is not a great pattern to have but if you are blessed with this gift then use it to help you. Begin visualizing and fixating on what could go right for you. It seems that worry pops up for me at least at night when I am trying to sleep so I keep a two page list of everything that can go right. This is the most effective technique for me.

For all of the other compulsive worriers out there looking at this post, I created a short audio to help blast away some of that worry energy.



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