Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY – Planetary Fear

A lot is happening in the world. At times it feels like the world is erupting in fear from the bars of Orlando to the beaches of Nice.

The wave of Islamic terrorism and the Brexit vote in England and the US presidential candidacy of Donald Trump feel like eruptions of fear.

Its like the world is under attack by a flu/plague/virus of fear.

At times like this I find myself thinking of David who said “Yea though I walk through the Valley of Death I shall fear no evil for thy rod and thy staff comfort me.”

I also think about the Wizard of Oz which to me is a story about transformation where each of the major characters are force to face their fears and inner demons, looking them deeply in the face, transcending them and moving forward.

So I encourage all of you but especially myself to try not to get so sucked into the fear and drama going on throughout the world, to face and transcend our inner fear and drama and move forward through it.

I do hope my golden brick road leads to a less tacky place than the Emerald City. LOL

Not an easy thing to do at times but when you give this negative, fearful and dysfunctional drama credence, you empower it rather than yourself.

Being a light worker means shining a light for others to follow not becoming an energetic doormat.

Only love is real and only love persists – all else is illusion and temporary.

I would like to thank each of you for the great love and light you bring to a sometimes dark world. Much love to each of you!


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