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Mega Spiritual Healing Sessions Healer Training

View the first twelve years of my healing and enlightenment practice as a jigsaw puzzle. The first major piece of the puzzle was the Angelic Mastery Healing and Enlightenment modality; then a year or two later Practical Mastery came in; next the Mastery Sequences; then the Universal Clearing Profile; followed by the healing art images, Heart Oriented Ascension activations, Crystalline Rainbow Reiki, Blasting Sessions, Angelic Heart Star Reiki, Angelic Feng Shui,etc.

In late 2011, I had assembled enough pieces of the puzzle to bring in a line of Mega Healing and Enlightenment sessions that could tap into the power of all of the healing and enlightenment work that I had been doing up until then. These sessions were so powerful that I was able to incorporate them into the Healing Support Plans I began offering in June of 2012.

The energies of the Winter Solstice marked a completion cycle and I got that I could now begin attuning people to transmit Mega Healing and Enlightenment sessions to themselves and others. In early January of 2013, I perfected and downloaded over 200 Mega Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment Sessions for Energetic Healing; Physical Healing; Emotional Healing; Mental Healing, Spiritual Healing, Money Healing and Relationships Healing.

I wanted to create a very simple, user friendly approach to this training. I feel that a lot of healing modalities are extremely complex and more sourced in the mind than in the heart. The three goals I have for this training program are:


Combine, consolidate and unify ALL of the spiritual healing and enlightenment work that I do into one modality.


Create a comprehensive set of spiritual healing sessions to help people to heal themselves, create a life that works and realize as much of their full and true potential as they can.


Create a simple, turnkey approach or system of healing that can be explained in less than ten pages of instructions.


In order to prepare people to become Mega Healing and Enlightenment Sessions Practitioners, I got that I should give each practitioner access to some additional healing and enlightenment activations. The ones that came up were:

Healer Support Package of MP3 Audio Activations ($97 value)

20 Healing 101 Activations ($97 value)

20 Spiritual Growth 101 Activations ($97 value)

20 Relationship Healing 101 Activations ($97 value)

20 Money Healing 101 Activations ($97 value)

Ordering Instructions

The cost of the Mega Spiritual Healing Sessions Healer Training is $2,000. I will send you a download link page and attune you manually for this modality within three business days after I receive the order.

Mega Healing and Enlightenment Sessions Training ($2,000)

Most healers are asleep and living quasi normal lives. They are caring, creative and sensitive to energy. When I was at this stage, I was clueless about energy and I took on a LOT of stuff energetically that did not belong to me. Sleeping healers can most benefit from the Feng Shui Home Clearing MP3, Healing Products and Spiritual Growth Products.
Often it takes a crisis to inspire healers to awaken and activate their healing and spiritual gifts. Awakening healers often experience a very challenging spiritual initiation. When I was at this stage, it took the combination of a spiritual awakening, financial crisis and healing crisis to inspire me to wake up. Awakening healers can most often benefit from Personalized Healing Sessions, Healing Products and Healing Support Programs.
After beginning the healer awakening process, exploring healers are inspired to explore self help and healing techniques and may even get attuned for Usui Reiki. My awakening crisis was so intense that it inspired me to learn how to heal myself and to create a life that works. Exploring healers can most benefit from the Healing Membership Plans, Healing & Self Help Tools and Raise YOUR Vibration Mastery Activations.
After learning and using their healing techniques, healers often begin working with clients or family members as practicing healers. Their biggest challenge often is how to stay clear while helping other people. Practicing healers can most benefit my Healing Support Programs, Healing & Self Help Tools and Practical Mastery�.
The Innovative Healer hugely tweaks the healing techniques they learned and often wants to �Do Their Own Thing!� They can most benefit from Targeted Healing Sessions to release self sabotage, resistance, fear and blocks to bringing in their own work and the Healing Support Programs. They often resonate a lot with the Creator Mastery Sequences and VOID Mastery Sequences.
Mentor healers are established healers who focus most of their time and energy on world service. They love to help others and they function as healing lighthouses - serving people who are drawn to their frequency. Mentor healers would often most benefit from the Creator Mastery Sequences, VOID Mastery Sequences and Heart Oriented Ascension.

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