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  What kinds of Life-Transforming Positive Changes can YOU expect when you join my Rainbow Healing Plan? Let me have two of my recent members tell you, in her own words…

    “In the last six months, I have been part of Bill’s Daily Financial Support Program and his Rainbow Healing Membership Plan … Since Bill began working on me, I found the job of my dreams. Out of the blue, my family surprised me with a beautiful home by the lake as a Christmas gift. More importantly, the healing energies have propelled me to dedicate more of my life to my spiritual pursuits. Since finding Bill six months ago, I have felt a profound inner shift physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.” 

-Laura from Penn Valley, CA

"It was amazing how quick the shifts was, as soon as I order the Bill's Rainbow Healing with Daily support my money and business started to flow and my income pick up.  It felt like it help clear any stuck and sabotaging energies that were in the way. I feel more peaceful and a certainy that all is well!  I also feel a continuous angelic presence and support. I am sleeping more sound and feeling uplifted and light in the morning. Thank You"

-Lynn Prilliman from Colorado


Wouldn’t You Love to ENJOY Your Life
And Have FUN Learning How?

There are so many factors in our life that can make us all feel overwhelmed.  Sometimes it seems there’s no escape. No peace. Even our meager vacations become stressful!  

Why You Feel Negative When You Should Be Positive:

  • Do you have Money and Financial Stress?
  • Are you stuck in a rut in your professional life?
  • Are you feeling weighed down in your love life and personal relationships?
  • Suffering with health Issues? Chronic pain, headaches, lethargy, or depression?
  • Anguished because you have so much potential – and you feel it being LOST?

What to DO about it…

You see, the worst part about these negative forces is that each one feeds the other – and your life becomes a downward spiral.

For instance, if you have money or financial stress, it leads to a breakdown in your motivation to work and perform…

When you don’t perform at work, it affects your personal life and adds even more stress.

More stress continues to build up, and we start having health problems. We may even lapse into depression.

That’s when despair sets in. You don’t know what to do to make yourself peaceful and happy.  You feel your life is standing still. You’re losing yourself, one day after another.

And you become an unhappy, negative individual because of it.


DO this…

The Rainbow Healing Package EFFECTIVELY REVERSES the above pattern!   

It helps you to stop sabotaging yourself -- and instead maintain a high, positive energy level NO matter what is going on all around you!<p>&nbsp;


These Healing Support Programs are Incredibly Powerful Because I Have Been There and Done That!


 My Personal Story…

My spiritual awakening was a challenging time for me. I thought I would be set for life after I graduated from a “Top 10” Law School that I attended. I was in my 20s and the world should have been my oyster.  It didn’t turn out like that, though-at least, not initially.

  By the time I graduated, I was drowning in debt.  Then I couldn’t get a job to pay off that debt.  I was severely stressed and anxious.  I felt like the weight from the whole world was resting on my shoulders.  I couldn’t sleep.  It all resulted in a severe lower back problem, on top of everything else.  Ugh!

  I felt stuck. I couldn’t get in tune with what I wanted my world and life to be.  I became lazy and miserable.  I complained and I whined.  I thought the entire universe was against me.

  Worst of all, though…I was the most negative person ever.  I started to concentrate on how bad my life was OUTSIDE of me.  It was a very bad, very serious situation to be in.


 ”What I didn’t realize at the time was that my thoughts, feelings and attitudes literally CREATED my entire reality. Life wasn’t dealing me a bad hand…I was!”

    Then I found out what I had to do in order to turn it all around. I began to meditate daily for thirty minutes and I buried myself in self-help books. I also began to work with spiritual healers, for the first time in my life, and things began to improve. I felt so much joy and clarity and it inspired me to do what I do today.


I discovered that the proper combination of working on myself each day along with working with spiritual healers was the real TRICK to unlocking my true happiness and potential!


Maybe you’re in a similar situation as I found myself many years ago…

  • Perhaps you want a better love life and relationship.
  • Or you want to make more money or have money available so you can enjoy your life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.
  • It’s possible that you want to be healthier and have more energy. You just want to get rid of your pain.

So what is the “secret” – and why is it so difficult for us to get out of our rut and transform our lives?

  It’s very simple, actually. Most people don’t have the right resources, tools, and energetic support they truly need to not only heal and grow, but to also succeed at achieving their dreams.

    They are also focused, like I was, on their external life instead of looking inward.  Healing and transformation work from the inside out.

    Once we heal ourselves from deep within, then our outer life transforms as well. 

  You need to be happy with who you are on the inside, first.  You need to heal the inner you so that you can have a positive outer you.


  • You Have That Power Inside of You Already. 
  • You Just Need to Unleash It. 
  • And We Need to Heal it – TOGETHER!
It is the power of activating the right vibration.  And right now, you have the opportunity to heal and learn how to change your activating thoughts with the Rainbow Value Healing Package!




  That is EXACTLY what I designed the Rainbow Healing Value Package to do.  It covers all the bases.

  When I was going through my days of despair, I discovered all about meditation and working with energy healers.

   It’s the perfect combination and balance for what you need to heal for a positive, happier and more abundant life that’s full of joy, health and wealth.

  Over many years, I’ve developed healing products and programs. I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world to change their lives for the better.  

  And now…

    The Rainbow Healing Value Package combines a lifetime of effective healing and enlightenment benefits and services into ONE program.

    The goal of these plans is to provide you with everything you need in ONE systematic, comprehensive, and consistent approach to help you HEAL, GROW and SUCCEED!

    Plus you’ll get all the powerful tools, resources and vital healing support you need along the way!

        You’ll never be able to change your life and receive the healing you need without making the decision to change.


And now is the time to act!

For the next few weeks, if you sign up for the EITHER the Turquoise or Rainbow Healing Membership Plans, I’m going to offer you an EXCLUSIVE Sign-Up Bonus… I have never done this before. In fact it is such an “overly generous” deal that I doubt that I will offer it for long! 

Signup Incentive Bonus

The real BONUS, however, is that you’re getting all of this Healing at an INCREDIBLE VALUE.

Instead of paying for the Daily Healing Support Program ($57 value)…

Instead of paying for to be a Member of the VIP Club ($7 value)…

I feel like you should get BOTH of them ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You’re only paying the $97 a month that would normally be the price for the Rainbow Membership Healing Program alone. Without thinking twice, I want you to take good care of yourself and unlock your full potential with this healing program. That’s why I’ve made it so incredibly generous!  

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get  When You Join:

  • Access to over $2500 worth of HEALING Products

  • Over $1000 per month of HEALING services

  • Three Group Healing Sessions per Month

  • A Healthier, Happy, More Positive Life

  • And much more!


Don’t wait!

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often!


Not Sure Which Plan is Best for YOU?

Here’s a Simple Comparison Chart…



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At NO RISK to You!



And NOW Rainbow Healing Plan Members Are AUTOMATICALLY Enrolled in My Daily Healing Support Program!

Each day, I transmit over twenty healing transmissions to people participating in my Daily Healing Support Program and now Rainbow Healing Membership Plan members will receive and benefit hugely from  the same transmissions without having to pay more money!



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While Still Receiving ALL of the Great Healing Services and Products Included in the "Old" Rainbow Healing Support Plan!




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Four Reasons to Go for the Rainbow Plan


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Testimonial for the Rainbow Healing Support Plan