(MP3) Clearing the Ten Most Common Money Blocks

Years ago when I created my Money Healing Program, I created a video to help people who ordered it to clear the ten most common money, success and abundance blocks,  patterns and programs. I recently added the Money Healing Program to the 21 Days to Financial Peace of Mind.


One of the things I am doing in the 21 Days to Financial Peace of Mind Program is to help participants clear 100 negative money beliefs and bring in the coding for over 50 positive money beliefs. The first seven years of my spiritual awakening was really rough financially and I have a great deal of compassion for spiritual people who experience rough waters financially.

To help people out who may not be able to afford to participate in this program,  I decided to create an mp3 for my blog on Clearing the Top Ten Money Blocks  (actually more since I lump some of them together).

      • Clearing beliefs that money is bad, unclean and unspiritual, that money is the root of all evil and that rich and wealthy people are bad, evil and wicked. Also want to clear beliefs that if I have money or am wealthy that I am a bad, evil, wicked person or that rich people cannot be spiritual.
      • Clearing behaviors that repel money from us. Clearing self sabotage and financial neediness and money anxiety, tension, worry, stress and fears. Clearing anger, rage, disappointment and discontent we have around money and toward wealthy people.
      • Clearing our past financial history and life experiences around money. Clearing out financial adversity, misfortune and bad luck from this life and past lives.
      • Clearing weird less-than-love energies, influences and interference around money and economic exchanges. Things including but not limited to financial spells, curses and hexes; financial reversals and downward spirals, bad luck, misfortune, etc.
      • Clearing beliefs people have around being unable or incapable of becoming wealthy. Things like you have to have money to make money, or you have to be smart/educated in order to become wealthy or you need a great job to succeed.
      • Clearing beliefs that you have to work hard to succeed, that it takes time and energy to become wealthy and that having money complicates your life.
      • Clearing beliefs around class, caste systems and social hierarchies – not only from this life but also past lives. A lot of people feel that they have always been poor or living hand to mouth or middle class and they cannot move beyond that.
      • Clearing limits and glass ceilings we have around what is possible financially. A lot of people just don’t feel that is possible for them to become wealthy. Clearing feeling unworthy of abundance and that you don’t deserve to succeed and become wealthy.
      • Clearing concerns that people won’t like me if I am rich or that they will only like me because of my money. Also clearing concerns around not feeling supported by the people around us to encourage us to become wealthy or beliefs that we need other people’s help and support to become wealthy.
      • Clear out less-than-love beliefs around money, success, prosperity and abundance from mass consciousness, world religions and government institutions as well as from education, media and other cultural influences.



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