MP3: Are YOU a Victim, Super Hero/Healer or Observer?

I think that most of us play all three of these roles but as I look back over my life, I see that each decade of my adulthood had a certain theme. In my thirties, I went through a really rough spiritual awakening process and I did not understand what was going on and why all of a sudden my life was so hard. So I ended up wallowing in victim consciousness and complaining. I was so good at this that I became a misery magnet.

As I began to understand the Law of Attraction, I realized what a mess I created by focusing so much or identifying so much as a victim. As I realized that viewing myself as a victim was giving my power away to external circumstances, I began taking responsibility for myself.

In my forties, I began activating a lot of my healing and spiritual gifts and I verved in the opposite direction. I was so excited by all the possibilities of energy healing that I became quite evangelical. When I started my healing career I wanted to save the world through healing. I would dash in and try to save and rescue others.

Eventually I learned that people can only save themselves and that every time I tried to save and rescue other; well it only worked if they were ready and willing to change. I also realized that trying to be a Super Hero/Healer, led to me taking on a LOT of other people’s energetic crap and was making my life miserable.

You see when we dash in and save and rescue others we not only enable and prolong the poor me syndrome/victim consciousness of the person we are trying to help but we also become the victim of the victim.  So while this is done with good intent, it can turn our life into a downward spiral. And this totally depletes us energetically so we can no longer help ourselves as much when we need to.

This was truly a HUGE soul lesson for me because I have this pattern going on for many of my past lives and I chose in this lifetime to clear a lot of this out. Today whenever I even think about trying to save and rescue others, I feel the beginning of a headache and I never get headaches normally.

In my fifties, for the most part, I try to be a detached neutral observer to the victim consciousness drama that most of humanity engages in. I also find that for me now it is much more subtle so I have to be much more diligent in weeding it out.  In the last year or two I have done a lot of inner healing work around giving my power away to fears about the US and European economies.

Audio to Help Clear Out Victim Consciousness and the Energetic Crap It Creates

Before you listen to the audio below, get a pen and paper and write down ALL of your stories and life experiences around being a victim, giving your power away to others and to external circumstances like the economy, trying to save and rescue others, etc. You may want to think about the experiences your parents had around victim consciousness as well since you probably adopted these patterns for yourself at a young age. Also write down some things that happened to you as a result of victim consciousness.


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