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How to Set Strong and Healthy Boundaries with Others

I had several telephone sessions this week and it occured to me that in over 90% of my telephone sessions with clients that three issues come up over and over again.

The first issue was around unresolved childhood stuff usually with the family of origin and often your mother. The second is about living authentically and being true to yourself.

The third issue, however, is the biggest one – at least for me – is about setting good, strong energetic boundaries between yourself and others.

When you have good, strong energetic boundaries between yourself and others it saves you so much trouble. You do NOT people please. You do NOT look outside yourself for approval and validation. You do NOT take on other people’s stuff. You do NOT save/rescue them. You do NOT give your power away to others or take power from others. You do NOT feel so drained from hanging out with others.

Most healers, teachers and spiritual seekers do not have as strong, energetic boundaries with their loved ones and the people they interact with as they could. And ironically these people are the most psychic, intuitive, sensitive and empathic people on this world. And the people that need good, strong energetic boundaries the most.

So as you go throughout the day, create some time to reflect and look at your relationships and check in to see how strong your energetic boundaries are with the most important people in your life.


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