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Healer Training: Learn About the Six Types of Spiritual Healers

Learn About the Six Types of Spiritual Healers & How they Evolve Over Time

I truly believe that everyone is a healer. To the extent that you live with love from your heart, you have a healing impact not only on yourself and your family but also everyone you interact with.

However, not everyone incarnated here with the soul contract to work with others in a healing capacity. As I was watching some Monarch butterflies circle our Mexican petunias in the back yard, it occurred to me that spiritual healers are a lot like butterflies because we both go through an evolutionary process to become who we truly are. I see this process more clearly now as I look over my life and reflect upon the lives of some of my energy healer friends.

For most of my life, I was a sleeping or unawakened healer. I went through life thinking I was a normal person. I never wondered too much why total strangers would tell me their life stories or why why I could feel the stress, anger and fears of co-workers three cubicles down from me.

I didn’t realize that the empathy I experienced on a regular basis was unusual. I thought everyone experienced this. Since most sleeping and an unawakened healers are empaths, I think our biggest challenge in this stage is how to stay clear and not take on other people’s stuff.

In my early thirties, I developed severe insomnia and lower back problems. I went to every doctor I could find and no one could help me. So I began meditating and studying self help materials and I moved across the line from a sleeping healer to an awakening healer.

I soon realized that by working on myself each day, my life and health began to improve. The first stages of spiritually awakening or awakening as a healer can be very challenging so the challenge in this area is learning to nurture and take care of yourself.

I found out that some of the healers I had been studying with were giving a class. I had gotten such great results from their healing techniques that I decided to take the class even though I didn’t view myself as an healer.

I had a blast in the class and I learned and mastered the technique more quickly than everyone else in the class even though most of them had been doing healing work for several years. I then moved into the exploring spiritual healer phase.

The biggest challenge for exploring healers is perhaps to develop more clarity about how you want to help others. I was like a kid in the candy store with an unlimited budget and eventually I developed more clarity but I was more of a dilettante in this phase.

I got attuned for Reiki and began studying, learning and mastering many other energy healing techniques. It was very exciting and a lot of fun. I got such great results using these techniques that I began to feel more comfortable helping friends. I had moved into the practicing healer phase.

The biggest challenge for practicing healers is how to stay sane and clear while helping others. Most of our clients have similar life challenges to ourselves and often our stuff gets stirred up when we interact with clients and we often take on some of their stuff since it is so closely related to our stuff.

As I learned more and more healing techniques, I began to tweak what I learned and combine and recombine and synthesize some of the modalities together. This marked the beginning of the innovative spiritual healer phase. Eventually I began to feel the pull of doing my own work and I began creating my own spiritual healing tools and techniques.

The biggest challenge in this phase is to clear, heal and release your inner demons of doubt, self sabotage, self worth, feeling like a fraud, etc. that come up as you move away from the comfort zone of doing other people’s modality.

Today several years later, I am more of a mentor healer.

Instead of creating new modalities, my focus has shifted to consolidating all of the modalities I have brought in to one unified format and creating healing products, programs and healer training programs.

The challenge in this stage is about playing a bigger game and getting your world service out into the world in a bigger way. Often this is the phase where you have to learn a lot more about business, marketing and maybe expand to hire more people.

I have created a lot of energy healing products and healer training programs for ALL six types of spiritual healers. To learn more about what I recommend, please go to:


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