Practical Mastery™: The Missing Ingredient to Creating the Life YOU Always Wanted

  • Are you someone who wants to release your past, make more money and live the life of your dreams?
  • Are you someone who is looking for a powerful, easy-to-use tool you can use to heal yourself?
  • Are you a healer who wants a proven, turnkey healing system to help and serve your clients more than you EVER thought possible?
  • Are you ready and willing to take powerful action NOW to create a bigger, brighter and better future for yourself, your loved ones and your clients?
If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then I have tremendous news for you. It's called the Practical Mastery™ Training Program and it's here to grant you the clear-cut path to creating the life you have always wanted!  



Are You Getting What You REALLY Need To Make A Quantum Leap Forward in Growing Spiritually andHealing Yourself?


If you’re ready for that radical leap in your life—that once unreachable plateau—and you don’t want to spend YEARS mastering spiritual self-healing like I have, then you might want to read the following words VERY carefully.

Have you ever wondered if there are special secrets that can SPEED UP your personal spiritual healing journey—or those you personally help—so that it doesn’t take so darn long, but works JUST as effectively?

There are MANY spiritual and healing laws that govern the universe. Here’s the exciting part: you can tap into the power of these laws to quickly, easily and almost effortlessly heal and grow yourself spiritually.

Welcome to Practical Mastery™

The Practical Mastery Training Program that

Clears negative energy patterns

Releases dysfunctional beliefs

Helps you embody positive emotions

Teaches you how to quickly become peaceful and centered.


That’s not all… not even close. You’ll be releasing thousands of blocks, barriers and layers of self-sabotage that you didn’t even know you were surrounded with!

You’ll be starting over, a clean slate—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You’ll finally realize your full potential—including financial abundance and physical health!



Practical Mastery™ Training Gives YOU OVER 600 New Ways You Can Help Yourself and Others!

Just imagine how powerful you’d feel if you have 600 self-help and spiritual cleansing tools at your disposal that you can take advantage of ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

In fact, it would be like having your own personal self-help guru with you at ALL TIMES.

Click Here to learn more about the six hundred Practical Mastery healing and enlightenment sessions.  

So what’s the first step?

The first step in changing your life is to clean your inner Energetic House. Practical Mastery™ includes an abundance of clearing sessions and healing profiles to help you release inner conflict and negative subconscious programming.

I help you release negative emotional patterns and bring in loving, positive and life-supporting emotions. Wouldn’t you want love, acceptance, joy, gratitude and inner peace circulating within your body and mind, instead of the daily dose of negativity that you are so accustomed to? Then it’s time to consider Practical Mastery™.

I really wanted this special course to live up to its name. On top of EVERYTHING I just mentioned, I added my highly praised money healing sessions, because let’s be real here—how can you live the life of your dreams if you don’t have the money to make it happen?


Practical Mastery™ Has Become So Powerful that I Had NO Choice but to Release it to the Public!


To be completely honest, I created Practical Mastery’s™ healing and enlightenment techniques to help me heal my clients. But it helped me so much that I began offering sessions to my healer clients. They got such impressive results that they wanted to offer it to their clients. And thus, Practical Mastery™ was born.




FINALLY - An Easy, Simple, User Friendly, NO Hassle and NO Nonsense Approach to Training


Long ago, when I was in the midst of taking expert healing training courses, it always involved A LOT of travel, inconvenience and expenses. I would often end up shelling out three times the cost of the training itself just to fly to the workshop, stay at an overpriced hotel and eat mediocre restaurant food. NOT fun.

With Practical Mastery™, my mission was to eliminate ALL the inconvenience I went through, and provide an EASY, CONVENIENT way of attaining spiritual growth and personal healing. I meditated for ages on the best approach. Finally, I understood the only way—the BEST way—was to personally attune each person to access and utilize their own frequencies.

Once people are attuned, they are able to transmit all of these frequencies and apply them to their own lives—at their own pace—from the privacy and convenience of their home.


P.S.... There's also a TON of AWESOME Bonuses!

I REALLY wanted this program to go WAY above and beyond the call of duty. Several years ago, I went through the hundreds of Practical Mastery™ sessions and placed some of the most important ones on fourteen videos.

I am giving you access to them at NO CHARGE.

I want Practical Mastery™ practitioners to have as MUCH value as humanly possible. That’s why I’m not done adding PURE VALUE to the Practical Mastery™ sessions: I’m also adding the Healer Support Package audio recordings (free, of course). These powerful sound healing recordings focus your energy in order to get the most out of any of my healing sessions, and maintain strong energetic boundaries throughout.



Should I Get the  Practitioner or the Personal Use Attunement?


  • People who receive the Practitioner Attunement for Practical Mastery™ can transmit all 600+ session to not only themselves but to their clients, family and friends as well.
  • People who receive the Personal Use Attunement for Practical Mastery™ can transmit the 600+ session only to themselves.

If you ONLY want to work on yourself, get the Personal Use Attunement sessions. However, if you feel that you may want to help your family and friends as well, you should order the Practitioner Attunement. You can always upgrade to Practitioner Level Attunement—just email me using the "Contact" link at the top of the page.




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