Seven Ways to Create Strong, Healthy Boundaries with Others – Spiritual Healer Training MP3

If you are reading these words or have been drawn to my work, you are probably one of millions of highly evolved souls who chose to incarnate on Gaia during this very important turning point to help humanity and the planet to raise its vibration. Most of us are very empathic and our innate empathy becomes a double edged sword in that it is often both a great gift and a great life challenge.

While each person is impacted by the energy of everyone and everything around them, healers, old souls and highly evolved beings are much more aware of this than most of humanity and we often feel this at a very deep level within our bodies. As Earth evolves, sensitives and empaths become even more sensitive and empathic. Often empaths take on a lot of negative stuff from other beings and the planet because we think it belongs to us energetically.

In order to do what we came here to do and to help other people, we need to be really clear about what is going on energetically within us. It is especially important – especially for spiritual healers and teachers who work with a lot of people – to become really clear about what energies belong to us and what energies we have taken on from the planet and humanity. We have to clear those out on a regular basis and one of the best ways to do this is to create strong, healthy boundaries with other people.

Are YOU an Empath?

I have been an empath all of my life but I can still remember the day I first realized the connection between how I felt and the energy emanating from other people. I was temping in a state government office when all of a sudden I began feeling really angry and upset.

I had been feeling really great before and then I began feeling bad. As I looked around the office I saw one of the secretaries was very upset and agitated. I realized that somehow I must have been influenced by her because how she looked externally matched what I was feeling internally. I left the office to take a walk and the further away I got from the office the better I felt.

After this AH HA moment, I found myself becoming a lot clearer about what type of energies were mine and what belonged to others and praying to the Creator to clear out energies that did not belong to me. I did not realize the importance of creating, setting and maintaining energetic boundaries with others until a year or two after beginning to work with clients.

When I began working with clients, I was doing telephone sessions and often I could only work with one or two at the most clients a day. Of course I attracted clients with similar issues as mine and often my stuff would get triggered as I worked on helping them and even worst in my early years of healing, I took on a lot of other people’s stuff. I thought that was what healers were supposed to do.

I now know that while you can never truly take on other people’s stuff to help them, you can definitely add their stuff to your own stuff to create some interesting life challenges.

Seven Simple Ways to Create, Set and Maintain Healthy Energetic Boundaries with Others


1.  Cultivate inner clarity, wisdom and discernment.  I am very very cautious now, I really have learned to develop my intuition and discernment. Whenever something comes up or I am pondering doing something, I always go within and ask myself if it is aligned with my highest good. If not, I rarely do it. If I do have to do it, I ask for lots and lots of angelic protection. I also have found that there are red flags. I have  lots of clients who send me links to sites to check out and I almost never get that it is wise to do so. I also am very cautious on Social Media sites like YouTube. Many years ago when I first created videos for YouTube, I got intrigued by the concept and visited lots of my followers’ pages. While I did not watch very many videos, I did take on lots of very low vibration frequencies. It took me a week to clear everything out but it was one of my greatest lessons in discernment.


2.  Set your intent. Before I work with any client or do anything healing or spiritually I always ask that it be aligned with the highest good of all, support the spiritual evolution of each being 100% and can be integrated with ease and grace in the NOW. If you are a healer who works with clients, please set the intent before you work to not take on their stuff and as soon as the session ends, ask that anything you have taken on from the client to be cleared, transmuted, healed, released and dissolved with love across time, space, dimensions, directions, vectors and angles.


3. I have found that certain behaviors or bad habits I have can erode my boundaries and lead to me taking on other people’s stuff. The big ones for me are around giving away your power to other people, not being true to yourself, looking outside yourself for answers or approval. Whenever I do these things, my boundaries begin to erode fast.


4. Become more aware of what your energy feels like throughout the day and tap into the power of prayer.  For years before I  became conscious about the need to set boundaries, I would monitor how I felt throughout the day and if my energy dipped, I would pray to the Creator to clear anything and everything that caused the dip and often they were caused by taking on other people’s stuff.


5. Be very cautious of group events. For years, I used to participate in group phone healing sessions and online webinars. I would feel great during the conference but three hours later I would feel like I had been run over by a bulldozer. I soon realized that everyone in the group had similar problems which was why we were on the call and that I took on a lot of other people in the group’s stuff and added their stuff to my stuff. This is why I personally do all of my group work distantly, because it is so much safer and protected. Several years later, I began doing business and marketing group calls and the same thing happened although I understood the pattern later. If you have to do a group thing, set your intent to not take on other people’s stuff before the event and clear yourself off after. It is much safer to listen to the recorded transmission later.


6. Realize that you need boundaries with loved ones as well as clients. We each lots of relationships with our family, friends, partners, work colleagues, clients and strangers we interact with very rarely. For many years I had great boundaries with my partners, friends, customers but not with my parents and family members. Then my parents had an auto accident and were in the hospital and nursing home for a month. By the end of that month I had taken on so much weird energy from them and the hospital/nursing home and all the patients, that I felt that I had been in the accident. It took me a month to clear out but after that I developed strong boundaries with my parents. Every time I go home I need to strengthen and tweak them.


7. Be as grounded and solid in your soul vibration as you possibly can be. The more you are able to fully embody the love and light that you truly are the more sovereign your energy fields become. If we were able to totally anchor the love and light that we are in a physical body, nothing could interfere with us. So the more inner work you do the stronger you become.




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