Some of Bill’s Favorite Abundance, Gratitude, Prosperity and Success Quotes, Part 1


“The core to creating a magical life that works and supports you on all levels is self love and acceptance. When you truly love and accept yourself on all levels then you cannot help but create a life that works for you!”

“Sharing what you have with others is a tangible way to express gratitude and appreciation for all that you are and all that you have been given. And for all that you give and share, well the Universe gives back in response a thousand fold. Sharing part of your good fortune with others not only sets a sound foundation but also propels you forward on an upward spiral of abundance, success and prosperity. The universe is abundant, safe and friendly.”

“Intent is a cornerstone and foundation for creating a life that works and one that supports you on all levels. When you set and create your intent, you move from the stance of inertia and recreating your past to one of taking responsibility and charge of your life. If you do not have the basic intent to make something new happen, then you will repeat over and over again the patterns of your past. Take some time to get clearer and more focused about what you intend for your goals and future and then nourish it each day by pondering your intent, visualizing achieving it and taking whatever action you feel guided to do.”

“An attitude of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness is so important to experience true abundance. When you feel abundant, good things cannot help but come your way and you know deep within that no matter what happens you will always be provided for. I also find that the more grateful and appreciative I am the more giving I am as well. When we give to others from our hearts, we acknowledge that we appreciate all of the blessings we have received. And the more we acknowledge our blessings -the more magnetic we become to attracting more of them into our life. It is impossible to out-give the Universe. I believe that deep inside – each one of us wants to make the world a better place – to make a difference and for me giving back is just one simple way to make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

“I don’t believe that we have to work hard to succeed. In fact the most successful people I know often work very little if at all. I think that most people – at least in the United States – are so busy all the time that they do not always make the best decisions. I try not to fill my life with activity so that I have the time I need to focus on whatever comes up in the NOW. I have released a lot of my expectations about what I will do and do not schedule a huge number of things so I can remain flexible and go with the natural flow of my day.  Over the years, I have trained myself to recognize what things are the most important, highest-priority ones and I focus on them and get them out of the way early on. I always ask each day for the Creator to show me what is most aligned with the highest good and that is what I do. Usually I just get one to three things that are mission critical and often they are small. It is the small things in life that are often the most important.”

“How much peace of mind do you feel when you think about money?  To the extent that you feel calm and serene and at peace – well that is the extent that you have healed your relationship with money.”

“To become more focused and clearer about money, buy a small notebook and begin jotting down how much you spend and where every day. Within a week you will become much more aware of your money and spending patterns and within two weeks, you will find yourself making changes. I challenge you to do this for just two weeks. You will learn amazing things about yourself and you will no longer be living as much on autopilot about money.”

“Abundance is broader than money – abundance is the energy of fulfillment on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial. Often we get attached to having abundance come to us in a certain form or substance and if we do not get it in that way, we often cannot accept the abundance that flows in – because it looks wrong.”


About Spiritual Healer Bill Austin:

Bill Austin is an energy healing facilitator, spiritual teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in St Petersburg, Florida in the United States. Bill specializes in distance healing, spiritual growth, healing art and healer training. He is the founder of several Reiki and other energy healing modalities. He has trained healers in over sixteen countries and has helped people from all over the world to heal, grow, expand and realize more of their full potential. Bill infuses healing and enlightenment energies into healing art images and has created a line of self help books. You can click on this link to download a free healing ebook called: Vibrational Color Healing Art. He offers a number of free energy healing resources on the web site.

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