Where Are YOU on the Spiritual Path?

I experienced my spiritual awakening in 1991, ten years before I heard the call to become a healer. I view myself as a spiritual teacher even after more than ten years of working full time as a healer.

For me this lifetime is about getting out of my head and into my heart. My passion in life is to help people to apply spiritual principles to create a life that works and supports them on all levels.


Often the spiritual path begins with a wake-up call. Something arises in our life - often a healing crisis - that is painful enough to inspire us to heal that aspect of our life. For people seeking self help solutions, I strongly recommend my Healing Support Programs, Healing Products, Spiritual Growth Products and the Healing Video Value Package.
Spiritual awakenings can be painful and challenging. I was miserable during my spiritual awakening. It was overwhelming at times and I thought I was going nuts. For people going through a spiritual awakening, I strongly recommend my Healing Support Programs, Targeted Healing Sessions and the Healing Video Value Package.
People starting out often have emerged from an intense spiritual awakening and the calmness is a welcome break. This is a great time to explore different things! For people starting out on the spiritual path, I strongly recommend my Healing Support Programs, Spiritual Growth Activations and the Spiritual Growth Video Value Package.
As you evolve, you become clearer and more discerning. As you detach from the emotional roller coaster of mass consciousness, you find that you don't relate to the world like you used to. People who have been on the spiritual path for a while often benefit from the Creator Mastery Sequences, VOID Mastery Sequences and Heart Oriented Ascension Training.

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