Video: Three Powerful Ways to Infuse Gratitude Into YOUR Life

Gratitude is such an important trait. One of my major intentions for 2014 is to each day tap more fully into the miraculous power of gratitude and to infuse more thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation into every aspect of my life. Today I would like to share with each of you three simple but powerful ways I cultivate the great attitude of gratitude.

Start the Day with Gratitude

I bought a small journal from Barnes and Noble with colorful festive graphics. I keep the journal in the drawer of my bed side table so I can access it easily when I wake up in the morning. Each day I write the date in the top corner of the journal page and write down a thank you note. I focus on one area of my life. For example, today, I wrote one about how happy and grateful I am that the redesign for the site looks so fabulous! I often write down notes appreciating important people in my life.

Play the “I AM So Very Happy & Grateful” Game

Throughout my day, whenever I have some down time like driving or waiting in line, I play a little gratitude game. I look around me and begin listing out all of the things I am grateful for. If I am driving I may say things like “I am so happy and grateful that I have a new, reliable and dependable car,”  “I am so happy and grateful for my bluetooth connection that lets me listen to great music without commercials” or “I am so happy and grateful for the freedom and independence owning a car gives me!”

End the Day with Gratitude

This is very similar to the Gratitude Journal that a lot of people do. But instead of just listing things I am grateful, thankful and appreciative for, I also include what quality that area has for me. For example, one of my top ones is “I am so happy and grateful for my loving and caring parents who support me for who I am” or “I am so happy and grateful for my lovely bed that supports my body and helps me to always get a good night’s sleep.” I think when you add the attribute to the list that it sends a signal to the Universe via the Law of Attraction to send more of that thing and attribute to you. I also like to reread entries from my gratitude journal just before I go to bed. Going to bed instilled with the attitude of gratitude is a great blessing to the new day you are creating for yourself.

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