Vibrational Alignment Tools: A Quick Way to Jumpstart YOUR Vibration


Over the last year, I have been studying the Law of Attraction and it occurred to me that a lot of the success with the Law of Attraction lies in aligning your vibration with Love or Above emotions. I meditated on this and asked if I could download a series of vibrational alignment tools to help align me energetically with some of the most important emotions.

I got a yes so I then asked which tools I should download and I got a list of eight:

  1. Gratitude, Thankfulness and Appreciation;
  2. Joy, Bliss and Happiness;
  3. Inner Peace, Stillness and Tranquility;
  4. Health, Wellness and Well Being;
  5. Self Love, Acceptance, Esteem and Worth;
  6. Abundance, Prosperity and Success;
  7. Clarity, Discernment and Wisdom; and
  8. Patience, Tolerance and Understanding.

What these tools do is to release us from all morpho-genetic fields and clear all blocks, resistance and self sabotage we may have to experiencing these love-oriented emotions. They align us energetically with the morpho-genetic fields of consciousness that support us in being thankful, happy, peaceful, healthy, abundant, clear, patient and loving ourselves. I run these tools for myself each day and ask  for them to be continuously run throughout the day for me.

If you are a healer or work directly with clients of all kinds, these tools would be helpful to run on yourself before, throughout and after you work with other people. This would help you to maintain stronger energetic boundaries and you would be less likely to pick up stuff energetically from your client.

There are two attunements for this – Personal Use and Practitioner. In the personal use version you are attuned to access to help yourself and the practitioner version you are attuned to use these tools to help other people.

These Vibrational Alignment Tools are so easy, simple and quick process to run that the instruction page is just one page and it helps keep your vibration high throughout the day. I have been using it myself a lot this month and I feel an immediate shift.

Ordering Information

The personal use attunement is just $97 and the practitioner version is $333. It also comes with pdf files of eight vibrationally encoded healing and enlightenment energies. I will try to attune you within two business days after you order.

Vibrational Alignment Tools – Personal Use ($97)
Vibrational Alignment Tools – Practitioner ($333)

Contact Information

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Healing Holograms, Inc
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