Why Do You Feel that Self Love and Gratitude are So Important?

I focus a lot on self love and gratitude because they are the quickest and best ways I know to help people to create a life that works and supports them on all levels. I know that combining self love with gratitude works because it got me from a really bad space to where I am today.

For the first thirty years of this incarnation, I had a wonderful life. I had a loving supporting family and I did very well academically in high school and college. I got a great job as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics after I graduated from college. After doing this for several years, I decided to go to law school and eventually graduated from one of the best law schools in the United States.

I thought I was hot stuff and that I would have a fantastic life. But during the second year of law school, I had problems getting a job. After I graduated law school, I moved to Philadelphia. It was a very difficult time for me because I was broke, unemployed, stressed out, had insomnia and I had injured my back during the move.

I felt like an utter failure for the first time in my life. I didn’t understand why this happened to me and I had a lot of anger around it.

Looking back on it I now realize that I had a lot of great things going on in my life but I did NOT love myself and I was much better at complaining, blaming, judging, whining and drama than I was at gratitude and appreciation.

After going to lots of doctors and trying every sleep medication there was in creation, nothing worked. I heard or read that sometimes people were able to heal insomnia through meditation so I went to the library and checked out twenty books on meditation.

While meditation did not heal the insomnia, it did allow me to coexist with sleep deprivation. My newfound interest in meditation led me to the New Age bookstore where I found Louise Hay’s book – You Can Heal YOUR Life. In that book she stressed the importance of self love and gratitude.

While it resonated as true for me, I had some resistance around gratitude. I mean I was suffering with a capital S and I felt miserable so why would I feel grateful.

Anyway I figured that I had nothing to lose at that point so I resolved from that moment on that I would try to love myself and feel more gratitude for the little things in my life that were working well. The first year was really challenging – like swimming against the current – because I had a LOT of negative emotional and mental programming going on.

But eventually I made progress and as I felt my life improve, it inspired me to love myself even more each day and I had a LOT more things to be grateful for. As I began to love myself more and more:

  • I became much more aware of my unconscious negative programming which allowed me to realize when my vibration dipped so that I could more quickly shift my energy to a higher vibration;
  • I began to value and honor my time and energy;
  • I began to reclaim the power I had given away to others and external circumstances;
  • I began to honor my body and take better care of it;
  • I began to go within myself for support, validation, approval and guidance rather than turning to others;
  • I began to live more in the NOW and less in the past and future;
  • I began focusing more on the positive things in my life and less on the negative aspects;
  • I realized that whenever I became upset or triggered that I needed to look at something within myself that wanted to cleared, healed, released and dissolved with love, etc.

During this very turbulent period of my life, I recreated myself on a foundation of self love and gratitude which has served me well over time. I have had lot of ups and downs but whenever I fall down, I rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of the old – stronger than ever before. And I can do this because I have a rock solid foundation now and for the most part I love myself and am thankful for all of the blessings I experience.


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