Why Should I Forgive People Who Wrong Me?

First of all I want to state that when we forgive others, we are not saying that the “bad” deeds that others do to us are OK.

Forgiveness does not condone what was done. I believe that it is important to forgive yourself, others and Spirit because we want to heal our life and move on.

Forgiveness begins with forgiving yourself and being as loving and gentle to yourself as you can be. I tend to beat up on myself a lot and self sabotage myself a lot so It is often more challenging for me to forgive myself than it is to forgive others.

Often people with forgiveness challenges in their life live in the past and often shut down emotionally and socially because they are afraid that they will get hurt if they trust others and interact with people. And lots of people on the spiritual path have a lot of anger toward Spirit/Creator for the highly dysfunctional world we live in.

Forgiveness is such a huge issue for so many people that I created a YouTube video on this topic and posted two articles about it on my web site before I had the blog. The two articles are:

The YouTube Video is below:

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