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21 Days to Play Nicely with Others

Several years ago I began the first 21 Days to Skyrocket Your Vibration program. It was such a success that I launched the 21 Days to Financial Peace of Mind and 21 Days to Heal Yourself and Feel Great. 

They were so intense and triggered so much stuff within myself to clear, heal and release that I burned out on them. Last year I felt drawn to release the 21 Days to Let Your Light Shine.

That left only one more to do and that is the program I am releasing today - 21 Days to Play Nicely with Others. This is perhaps the most important 21 Day Program I have ever done.

What I have discovered in my sixteen years of healing is that a lot of the most common things we all struggle with originate from negative energies we have taken on from others and toxic programming from our family of origin.

This is probably one of the most innovative and refreshingly different self-healing courses you will find. It's an eye-opening 21 Days to heal, change, and become your true self in powerful new ways.

Most other courses have to do with blocking negative people and forces out of our lives. THIS course focuses not only on clearing but also on enhancing all the good feelings, energies, and talents you possess.

Then we amplify those positive forces to give you far better relationships, much greater satisfaction, and an incredible ability to create good in the world using your natural talents. You will escape the bad programming we've all gotten during other times in our lives.

This is the healing program for anyone who is locked in a dead in, no way out relationships that drain your energy. It's exactly what you need for those sad situations where you just can't deal correctly with the people you love.

It's also a course that will discover and release your innate positive energy. This can create new relationships and open lots of doors in your career. It can give you million dollar ideas. It could be the start of your profitable new business. And it could give you your life back.

Anyone who signs up for the 21 Days to Play Nicely with Others Program will not only receive access to over 20 downloadable, healing audio mp3 recordings but will also receive: 

Personalized healing transmissions throughout 21 days 
These give you very valuable one-on-one opportunities with Bill. You can ask questions, receive inspiration, and learn additional important ideas not covered in the course.

You will start on Day 1 with releasing all the blocks that prevent you from being yourself. This is directly related to feelings or habits that keep up from playing well with others. This could involve your partner, your family, friends, and co-workers along with others you come in contact with.

On Day 15 you are healing and upgrading all your relationships with extended family. That includes step or adopted family, in-laws, and friends. We also work on healing and creating better loving relationships with children. And you also learn how to deal healthily with negative energies you receive from family members. 

By Day 21 you are healing and releasing some of the most profound and difficult emotions in life. You will heal and release grief, sadness, sorrow, and loneliness that is keeping you isolated and separated from friends and loved ones.

For others who do not know about this course, these tasks could take years of therapy at a very substantial price. But healing expert Bill Austin can create a big change in your life entirely through this extremely popular 21 day course. 

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Are YOU Ready to Make a Quantum Leap?

One of the questions, clients often ask me is why is it so hard for me to clear, heal and release an imbalance, issue, challenge or condition. Often an imbalance reflects a lot of hidden unresolved issues in our consciousness. In a way the imbalance, challenge, issue or condition is just the tip of the iceberg. it is what everyone sees but what most people do not realize is that the bulk of the issue lies buried beneath the surface.

I created this series of focused, accelerated healing programs to help people to release a lot of hidden underlying stuff so that they can clear and heal the iceberg more quickly and effectively. Each of these program contains over 20 mp3 audio recordings and over five hours of healing around a specific topic like skyrocketing our vibration, becoming at peace with money and letting your light shine.

Releasing our past history and expenences; 

Clearing dysfunctional religious prograrnming, influences, conditioning, patterns and programs;

Releasing limiting, negative and fearful beliefs and influences from mass consciousness;

And much, much more !

People who sign up for this new program will receive personalized healing transmissions throughout the three week period of the program and also will receive a free, hour long telephone healing session from Bill Austin (see below for more information). 

Day 1

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from being true to ourselves, playing nicely with others, getting along well with others and enhancing the quality of all of our relationships with our partner, family, friends, coworkers and anyone we interact with.

Day 3

Clear, heal and release all negative, fearful, dysfunctional, toxic energies we have taken on from others or the planet that do not belong to us energetically.

Day 4

Clear, Heal and Release ALL Negative Third Dimension and Mass Consciousness Programming, Patterns  and Influences that Lower YOUR Vibration. 

Day 5

Clear, heal and upgrade our relationship with our body.

Day 6

Clear, heal and upgrade our relationship with money. 

Day 7

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from accepting, liking, loving, trusting and being true to ourselves and developing a high level of self esteem, deserving and self worth. 

Day 8

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from creating, setting and maintaining healthy, strong, clear energetic boundaries with other people as well as clearing out anything we have claimed or taken on energetically that does not belong to us.

Day 9

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from releasing our past and future, living in the now, reclaiming our power and forgiving ourselves, others and Spirit.

Day 10

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from speaking our truth and communicating with love from our heart

Day 11

Clear, transmute, heal and release victim consciousness, emotional neediness, co-dependency, drama, loneliness, people-pleasing and excessive attachment to or obsessions with others. 

Day 12

Clear, transmute, heal and release giving our power away to others and/or taking power away from others.

Day 13

Clear, transmute, heal and release emotional drama, trauma, attachments, triggers and charges around relationships as well as taking things personally.

Day 14

Clear, heal and upgrade our relationship with our mother, father, siblings and children as well as all negative energies we take on energetically from them.

Day 15

Clear, heal and upgrade our relationship with our partner, exes and all intimate relationships children as well as all negative energies we take on energetically from them. 

Day 16

Clear, heal and upgrade our relationships with our bosses, supervisors, co-workers, clients, customers and all other work relationships children as well as all negative energies we take on energetically from them. 

Day 17

Clear, transmute, heal and release anxiety, fear, stress, tension, worry, sleep disorders and conditions, emotional trauma and inner child wounding.

Day 18

Clear, transmute, heal and release emotional over spending, comfort food eating and all addictions and addictive, obsessive and self destructive tendencies, imprinting, patterns, programs, influences, triggers and behaviors. 

Day 19

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from being happy, healthy, optimistic, upbeat and having a positive mental attitude at all times.

Day 20

Clear, heal and release grief, grieving, sadness, sorrow, loneliness, feeling isolated and separated from others.

Day 21

Angelic Guided Meditation for Playing Nicely with Others.

The cost of this potent program is just $333! As a special signup bonus, participants who participate in this exciting program will receive a free, hour long telephone healing session with Bill Austin ($147 dollar value).

Guided Meditation MP3s

My series of guided meditations are some of the most powerful healing and enlightenment products I have ever created. Whenever I feel stuck, I often relisten to them and I always get amazing results.These cover areas like Embodying Our Soul, Healing Our Back, Opening to Receive, etc.

My Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee

All of my Healing Support Programs are backed by my famous "up to the last minute" 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee - so you take no risk when you join now! Cancel at any time — even up to the last minute of the first thirty days after you join one — and receive a full refund of every penny you paid. I'm that confident that you'll LOVE this program. I'm betting you won't even think of asking for a refund once you EXPERIENCE the amazing healing results from working with me!

PS If you order today, I will also include a link to the Quantum Value Package for Enlightenment! 

Each day we will explore a different aspect of the main topic and clear many of the underlying issues. Most of the mp3 recordings contain a lot of healing, clearing and enlightenment energies for things like: 

Clearing self sabotage and anything we thought, felt, said or did that contributed to the issue;

Releasing limiting, fearful and negative beliefs from our family-of-origin;

Clear, heal and release anyone, anything or anywhere that blocks or prevents us from clearing, healing and ameliorating as much karma with ourselves, other people and Spirit as we can in the NOW. 

Day 2
FREE hour long telephone healing session with program creator Bill Austin

By Day 10 you are healing and releasing anyone or thing that keeps you from speaking the truth and communicating with love in your heart. This is typical of the day-to-day instruction this course delivers. Each day you take on a different important aspect of releasing yourself, your mind, and your heart from negative habits and forces. 

Telephone Sessions
($147 an hour)

In times of heightened ascension activity on Gaia. I often feel drawn to working directly with clients on the phone. The sessions are most effective when you email me detailed information about your session BEFORE we talk on the phone. In these sessions, I connect with the Creator/Source/Spirit/God/Goddess and transmit energy to help you to clear, heal and release the areas you wish me to help you with. Most sessons include a lot of general balancing and clearing frequencies to help you to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve negative energies from your energetic spaces, fields, organs, systems and bodies. I prefer to use Skype to conduct telephone sessions from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Tuesday through Thursday. I am located in Holiday, FL in the US which is in the same time zone as New Yorks City. After you order a telephone session, email me your wishlist and Skype user name at

If you live outside of the United State, you will have to place the call if you cannot use Skype. Please indicate on the comments section of the order form, three dates and times for the session (please specify the time zone) that would work for you. 


21 Days to Play Nice With Others is the ultimate experience to help you become a much better person when dealing with others in your life. It can make a huge difference in your relationships with friends and loved ones. Suddenly you are released from negative energies, influences, and habits. Now you can love those around you with the wonderful natural energy you have always possessed, but often did not know how to locate or use. 

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Feedback from Some of My Many Happy Clients

“Thank you Bill. You have offered many free healing & life changing videos on youtube. You are truly a healers' healer and I am so grateful to have your assistance! Namaste!”

Tarek Bibi



“Bill and I met at a healing workshop. Bill was different since he was so focused on finding out what energy modalities could help others. He is humble, has integrity, and actually cares for his clients .”

“I started working with Bill’s healing products back in 2006. They have helped me so much. I would hate to think what my life would be like without them. I also strongly recommend the UCP he offers.” 

Michael Curren

Green Bay,


Alexander Baggett

Dallas/Fort Worth,


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