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Parental Programming from Childhood Is Potent Stuff

I was in Panera’s Bakery the other day and as I went to get my green tea, I saw one of the customers furtively take two of the tea bags out of the canister. As I went over to the cold drinks area to get some ice to cool down the tea, I saw the same customer get a cup of water and add the tea bags to it.

I got a tad upset and mentioned it to my partner: “Did you see what that guy just did. He stole some tea from the store. Doesn’t this bother you?” My partner responded: “It doesn’t bother me at all. I only care about my own morality – not about other people’s.”

This was one of those humbling moments where a person who has been on a very intense spiritual path for over twenty years has to admire the wisdom of a highly intelligent agnostic who has never consciously been on a spiritual path at all during this lifetime. After a somewhat stunned silence, I acknowledged: “That is a much better attitude. I will try to adopt it as well.”

One of the things I do each night is scan my day for energetic anomalies that I may want to relook at before I go to sleep and this incident popped up. So I asked the deeper question as to why I let a stranger’s behavior throw me out of my calm center of inner peace. Immediately I saw an image of my mother from childhood. Mom addicted to doing the right thing and fairly evangelical about it. So I worked on clearing that out.

Then I asked why I chose a mother like this and I saw that it is much better to have a mother who values justice and doing the right thing because it saves you from building up a lot of karma. So I thanked Mom for this gift. He he he I did have a tiny moment of superiority when I thought about my ex-Park Ranger sister who is renowned in my family for stalking litterers for miles to give them lectures about damaging the environment. At least I had not instilled the sense of irritation as deep as my sister does. He he he.

But the reason I bring this up is that almost always when I work one on one with anyone, their mother and father pop up because … parental programming from childhood is potent stuff. So I challenge each of you to examine what situations pop up throughout your day that take you out of your calm center . Delve deeply into these situations and ask the deeper questions about what patterns do you have that may be draining your power away from the present moment.

And I would almost bet money that many of the things that irritate you or trigger you the most originate from family of origin stuff from your childhood.

About Reiki Healer Bill Austin:

Bill Austin is a Reiki healer and spiritual teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in St Petersburg, Florida in the United States. Bill specializes in distant healing, spiritual growth, healing art and healer training. He has trained healers in over sixteen countries and has helped people from all over the world to heal, grow, succeed and realize more of their full potential. Bill infuses healing and enlightenment energies into color healing art images and has created a line of self help book. You can click on this link to download a free healing ebook called: Vibrational Color Healing Art. He offers a number of free spiritual healing resources on the web site.

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