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Ten Underlying Principles of Financial Management

1. We live in an era where change is a way of life. Most of us won’t be able to work 20 to 30 years for one company and retire on a nice pension like our parents did.

2. Our finances often become entangled with our emotions and this creates problems. Often when we are depressed or upset, we take out our credit cards and we go on a shopping spree.

3. You must accept responsibility for your finances before you can get out of debt. To do this, you must find out what your current financial position is, take action and develop a plan for the future. Use your common sense and make a user-friendly plan.


5. The state of your finances reflects your relationship with money or energy held in the form of money. In order to have better personal finances, you must transform your relationship with money.

6. The biggest difference that you can make in your financial situation is to find a job that you love EVEN IF it doesn’t pay as much as your current one. When people do work that they like, they are happier and more productive. They naturally advance.

7. In sharp contrast, when people work in jobs that they hate, they are easily stressed; their health declines and they often develop a bad attitude. Would you promote a person like this?

8. As long as you have and USE credit cards, you will have installment debts. STOP USING THEM. Try to always pay more than the minimum payments each month or else it will take you many, many years to pay them off. Credit card companies really don’t want you to pay off your balances – they want the huge interest they get from these accounts.

9. The first check that you should send off each month is to your savings account. IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOURSELF FIRST, YOU NEVER WILL HAVE ANYTHING LEFT OVER AT THE END OF THE MONTH.

10. It is easier to save money when you have a clear vision of what you want to do with it. It is much easier to get psyched about saving money for traveling to Greece or buying a home than it is to pay off your monthly utility bill.

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