The ABC’S of Spiritual Growth: Attitude, Balance, Commitment and Service

I feel that enlightenment really involves is accepting the light that already exists within each of us and in every one and every thing. Of course we have created many layers and blockages to prevent us from seeing the light and we have gotten attached to these layers which is why clearing can be so painful. Anyway the approach I am taking to spiritual growth boils down to three things: Attitude, Balance, Commitment, Choice and Service.

Attitude: Most people on this planet operate from the victim/rescuer/observer role. This places us on an emotional roller coaster that only the ego enjoys. We always have the choice to stop playing this game but it takes a certain amount of courage to do so. Each day I try to focus on three things. I try to see everything I experience as something that I created in order to grow spiritually from. I also try to see the Christ/Love/Light/Spirit within everyone. And I often ask myself, how can I serve the people I encounter each day. Living in the now is also important to me.

Another big A thing is Asking for help. I always ask Spirit for help and Spirit always comes through for me. It takes me a lot longer to figure things out on my own so asking for help is a great shortcut for me. Also I may not be able to perceive the answers since I live on this very dysfunctional world. Other As are Acceptance, Allowing, Action, etc.

Balance: Many people I have observed on the path focus so intently on spiritual growth that they ignore the needs of their bodies; experience out of control emotions; and operate from the ego mind. We are here to ground the energy of Spirit into our body, emotions and mind as well as to evolve the soul. Each body is like the leg of a chair; it is great to grow one leg but if you don’t grow all of them roughly at the same time, your seat gets awfully wobbly and eventually collapses.

Another big B thing is BEING IN THE PRESENT. All of our power exists only in the NOW. Most people are so caught up in reliving the past or worrying about the future that they are paralysed from moving forward. We can’t do anything about the past or the future, we can only act in the NOW.

Commitment: We all have been given the gift of time and energy by Spirit. When we give this gift back to Spirit by dedicating our time and energy to finding out who we are then the universe responds by supporting us in this search. Eventually as long as we maintain a strong focus on being who we really are, we develop a force field around us that magnetizes and energizes the process. The time and energy we dedicate to this search for inner meaning/realization is magnified many times by Spirit so that growth for each of us becomes effortless in many ways.

Another biggie for C is choice. A lot of mastery really boils down to the small daily choices we make each day. Great leaps in evolution often occur due to a large number of small choices to choose love over fear.

Service is a great path to mastery. I not only ask each day how I can help others but I also meditate upon it and most importantly ACT upon what insights I receive.

If you want to focus on one thing, focus on love for love heals the body, soothes the emotions, slows down the mind and advances the soul. The path I prefer is to heal the body, then work with emotions, then the mind and then the soul and then back to the body to repeat the cycle all over again. This way I feel I grow in an ever-expanding spiral. This is really how the universe functions: Stars are like spirals of energy. Sort of like Van Gogh’s picture, Starry Night.

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