Angelic Feng Shui Training and the Archangels

This post was written by my dear friend Moni Castaneda – a very gifted Feng Shui Teacher and healer with two awesome kids! A few years ago, Bill Austin and I teamed up to create a new Feng Shui clearing and healing modality. Bill had been practicing long distance, vibrational healing for many years, while […]

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Feng Shui & Karma Interview with Moni Castaneda

  I have known Moni for over thirteen years now and we have done a lot of work together in the area of Feng Shui – which I consider to be one of the oldest energy healing modalities on the planet. Moni and I co-created Angelic Feng Shui several years ago to help clear out a […]

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What the Bleep is Feng Shui and Why Should YOU Care About It?

This is a guest post from my dear friend and gifted Feng Shui teacher Moni Castaneda. Enjoy! Feng Shui is the art of space arrangement that teaches “what to put where,” and in what colors, shapes and materials, so that people can be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Free. The human mind was designed to get constant feedback from the environment. […]

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What Blocks Us from Experiencing Wealth and Abundance

As a Business Success Coach & Hypnotherapist, I work with a wide variety of individuals. Although each of us has unique gifts and talents, all of us need money in the material world to thrive. When we struggle to earn and attract the money we need to sustain a quality of life that is aligned […]

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