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Awesome Spiritual Growth Products!

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Spiritual Growth Video Value Package
Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation MP3s

Over the years I have created a number of very powerful guided meditation mp3 audio recordings. These are some of my best selling products and most of them cost just $27.

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Energetic Soul Portraits

Energetic Soul Portraits

We each are very different energetically and we each have different ways we like to receive healing images. Some very sensitive, highly evolved and often starseed souls are energetically encoded to receive healing via color healing art.

A lot of mastery really is about connecting with what I call the highest level aspect of our monad and embodying that energy and frequency. I have decided to create a new line of images to assist people in accessing and working more directly with this most loving aspect of who they are.

So I began offering Energetic Soul Portraits.


In addition to helping people access, connect and work with the highest level aspect of their monad, I also encode the images with frequencies to help people to awaken and activate their spiritual and healing gifts and energies to help people to heal, clear and release energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illness and disease states.

When I meditated about these Energetic Soul Portraits this is what I got


Each of these energetic "Soul Portraits” contains tones, vibrations, colors and high frequencies of love to activate your mastery and help you connect with the greatest and most loving aspect of your soul and monad - so that you can express your soul purpose and realize more of your full potential. The mastery you are awakening to is as unique as your fingerprint.


It is the mastery your soul encoded in your blueprint to be expressed in this lifetime that is awakened throughout your lifetime by these beautiful images. For instance, if you are coded to be a healer, this soul portrait will activate your healing mastery. If you are coded to bring to this world higher wisdom through books and teachings, then that mastery will be activated.

In addition each of these images will bring you great healing by helping you to connect with your soul at a very deep level.  The more that you can embrace, embody and express your spiritual nature - the more joyful, happy and abundant your life will become. Please know that each and every one of you is a master healer. You just forgot this truth as you incarnated into this vibration of density.

These magnificent soul portraits will help awaken your inner healer to do what is natural to your spirit - to be healed, balanced and in harmony with all of Creation. And as you embody and express more and more of your inner divinity, sickness and illness can not exist.

The cost for each Energetic Soul Portrait is just $333 which includes shipping and handling fees. 

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