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Your Life is Your Path. Your Life is Your Answer.

I have been on the spiritual path for over twenty years now. And when I began out on the path many years ago, I explored every New Age and metaphysical bookstore I could find. I bought crystals and energy tools; explored the mysteries of Tarot and the Kabala; experimented with many types of meditation; followed several channels searching for wisdom. I became an expert at seeking and doing but not so gifted at being and finding and discovering.

And then I decided to become a healer and I fell in love and obtained training in a myriad of healing techniques and tools; traveled all over the world “healing the planet” and I ordered an d read zillions of books. I filled a file cabinet drawer with healing certificates and thought I was hot stuff.

But over the years I realized that I would never find what I was seeking outside myself. And a lot of the tools and gizmos and healing modalities that I learned stopped working for me and I was forced to go within and bring my own work out into the world.

I was terrified and doubtful at first but my life gradually transformed into this amazing journey. I never dreamed my life would turn out how it has and it took a lot of trust and a lot of leaps of faith and life got very interesting and challenging at times.

But gradually I began to realize that I really didn’t need to do anything extra or anything outside of myself to grow and expand at all. And I also realized that it was all about the heart and love and that everything else would pass away.

And I began to trust the process of life and to trust that I really magnetized everything I needed to learn and grow from through my life.

So I stopped seeking outside of myself for answers.

I became more mindful as I realized that the things I asked for were always being answered by what happened in my life and often in ways that did not meet my expectation of answers. And many of the seeds of mastery and blog articles that I write spring from a mindful approach to my life and the events of my life.

And by sharing them I hope to inspire you to seek your own answers from your life and to realize that your life is your path.

About Spiritual Healer Bill Austin:

Bill Austin is an energy healing facilitator, spiritual teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in St Petersburg, Florida in the United States. Bill specializes in distance healing, spiritual growth, healing art and healer training. He is the founder of several Reiki and other energy healing modalities. He has trained healers in over sixteen countries and has helped people from all over the world to heal, grow, expand and realize more of their full potential. Bill infuses healing and enlightenment energies into healing art images and has created a line of self help books. You can click on this link to download a free healing ebook called: Vibrational Color Healing Art. He offers a number of free energy healing resources on the web site

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Please note that our energy healing books, products, sessions & services are not meant to be medical or psychiatric treatment nor replace such treatment. All healing that occurs in any session comes from your soul. Bill merely facilitates this process & holds a space for healing to occur. Bill Austin occasionally recommends books that he enjoys but he is an affiliate with Amazon. 

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