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Am I a Spiritual Healer?

The short answer is that if you are a. asking yourself “Am I a Spiritual Healer?” and b. visiting my site, it is very probable that you are a spiritual healer.

I first asked myself this question in 1998. At that point I was interacting and working a lot with spiritual healers, teachers and channels. I had experienced such phenomenal results and breakthroughs from working with spiritual healers that I was beginning to feel a call to help others.

I resisted this call for a few years because quite frankly I had a good job with health insurance, a regular income and paid vacations and I earned a lot of money. Most healers I knew at that time were rather strange and poor and I did not want to live like that.

However, the call wouldn’t go away and instead it got stronger and stronger over time. Eventually I chose to honor the call of my soul, began exploring healing modalities and launched my healing practice. Several years after I began helping others in this way, I began creating my own healing modalities and tools and then training spiritual healers in how to use and apply those modalities to help their clients.

I view everyone as a healer because any time you live from your heart you have a healing impact on the world. I define a spiritual healer as someone who consciously or unconsciously taps into the power of love and spiritual laws to raise the vibration of yourself, others or the planet.

People who ask themselves “Am I a spiritual healer?” are usually in the process of awakening and activating their healing gifts and powers. When I first asked myself I thought that spiritual healers were just people who worked with clients in a healing capacity.

I have realized over time that most spiritual healers out there rarely work with clients directly. Instead many spiritual healers are working in a wide variety of settings and some of them may not realize the extent to which their work impacts the world.

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Please note that our energy healing books, products, sessions & services are not meant to be medical or psychiatric treatment nor replace such treatment. All healing that occurs in any session comes from your soul. Bill merely facilitates this process & holds a space for healing to occur. Bill Austin occasionally recommends books that he enjoys but he is an affiliate with Amazon. 

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