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The High Price We Pay for Ignoring Our Inner Guidance…

Listening to Your Inner Guidance and Heeding Your Wake Up Calls

I began my first year of law school in August 1987 – the very same month that the Harmonic Convergence took place. The Harmonic Convergence was a measuring of the spiritual consciousness of humanity planetary-wide. The purpose of it was to determine the future course of the planetary ascension process – sort of like a spiritual report card for humanity. The consciousness of humanity was much more loving than anticipated so that set the steps for the planet to initiate the first steps of moving away from the mind paradigm to moving into the heart paradigm. It has taken a long time for Gaia to do so – but the first steps began twenty-one years ago.

I had no clue as to what Harmonic Convergence was at the time and if I had known about it, I would have thought it was flaky and bizarre. However, it hugely changed my life. When a planet ascends, each person plays a role and for people like myself and like most of you reading this we are here largely to assist the planet and humanity to ascend. The Harmonic Convergence experience placed me on a very intense spiritual path without me being even aware at the time that I was on a spiritual path.

In summer of 1988, I took off a month from my internship with the Federal Trade Commission to travel and camp. One of the things that I vividly remember is how much I loved and enjoyed the Rocky Mountains and I thought at the time wouldn’t it be kewl to live in Colorado (and five years later I moved to Denver and lived there for over eleven years). But while I was camping, one lovely night when I was in the desert I got really strongly that I should quit law school and take up photography instead (I find Ansel Adams very inspiring). I got and knew on many, many levels that this would be a better course for my life than continuing on my current course. But I was very stubborn and determined to persevere so I ignored this first wake up call.

And for the rest of the two years of law school I got one wake up call after another after another to give up the legal path. In my second year of law school, I developed insomnia and I hated my law clerk job with a civil litigation firm. In my third year, not only did the insomnia get worse and worse but also I interviewed with tons of firms and I was one of three out of over 300 students to graduate from a top ten law school without a job. I injured my back moving to Philadelphia and within three months after moving there, the Philadelphia legal market collapsed.

It was a very difficult time for me because I had always been a super achiever. I was a straight A student in high school and college and I was so good in my field of Economics that I got a position with the Bureau of Labor Statistics wth just a BA. It was one of the very few times in my life that I felt like I had failed and I even had a eight week stint of depression (tied to the changing of my spiritual guides to help me for the next leg of this life). The insomnia was so bad that I was not able to function very well at all in my day to day life which was terrifying to me.

So I began the spiritual path desperate, depressed, broke, unemployed, sick, you name it I had it. In my frantic search to sleep better or to mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation, I began to meditate – something I had learned how to do in my early 20s but thought was a total waste of time.

So I learned early on that by ignoring the small voice within myself and not heeding the wake up calls I was given, I created utter chaos for myself. I also learned that the nature of wake up calls is such that they begin small and grow bigger and gain momentum over time if they are ignored. I have a healthy respect for them now even if what what they say or want me to do is not something I want to hear or to do.

I largely began exploring and learning about the wild and crazy world of energy healing in early 2000 because I was getting a series of inner messages and wake up calls that were strongly encouraging me to begin offering healing services to others. I had a great government job with benefits that I was very reluctant to leave but I did not want to create another huge crisis for myself so I created Healing Holograms in 2001.

Resistance to Inner Guidance and Heeding Wake Up Calls

It is not always easy to listen to our inner guidance or to heed the wake up calls we get. They usually stretch our comfort zone and often bring up areas of resistance and stir up deep things within ourselves that need to be examined, loved, cleared and healed. So it does take courage to do this work. However, if we do not follow our inner guidance and heed the wake up calls early on often we begin learning the hard way.

When you ignore your inner guidance and initial wake up calls, your soul plays hard ball and you create some very painful incentives to inspire you to grow and change and move beyond your comfort zone. I find in life that often we are inspired to do things when there is so much pain in the current way that we gather the courage to shift. For example, many gays come out of the closet when it is more painful to be in the closet than to be out of it.

Some of my more recent wake up calls and inner guidance that created some resistance in me were:

I began offering audios in 2006 even though I had to clear judgments and reservations about how my voice sounds because I was guided internally very strongly to do so.

I began painting in late July 2006 because I got that this was something I needed to do. I had not painted for over 35 years so this was a big deal to me.

I began offering video transmissions in May 2008 because I got that I needed to even though I had to clear blocks around how I look and sound on video… - See more at:

I am sharing these experiences to inspire each of you to look at your life and to go within to see if there are any messages from the highest level aspect of your monad or wake-up calls that you are getting. If there are, don’t do what I did at first – - See more at:

please love, appreciate and honor your inner guidance and heed the wake up calls now before they create a crisis in your life.

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