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Angelic Feng Shui Training and the Archangels

This post was written by my dear friend Moni Castaneda – a very gifted Feng Shui Teacher and healer with two awesome kids!

A few years ago, Bill Austin and I teamed up to create a new Feng Shui clearing and healing modality.

Bill had been practicing long distance, vibrational healing for many years, while I had been practicing and teaching Feng Shui (the art of space arrangement) for about a decade.

I had recently started a Feng Shui Consultant Training Program and I was concerned about my students encountering vibrational situations in the homes of their clients (ghosts, presences, entities), that they might not know how to handle. I was also worried that students might not shield themselves energetically when they visited homes, and that they might pick up less than love frequencies from spaces and clients.

Bill had some spiritual contracts to do work around Feng Shui, so we decided to work together. As soon as we started this project, we got the directive from spirit that this healing and clearing modality had to be angel based. For this reason we called it Angelic Feng Shui Training. It took us 6 months just to get right the list of all that the modality needed to include. It wasn’t easy. 3 times we had to “go back to the spiritual drawing board.”

Finally, Bill downloaded the frequencies, attuned himself, then me, and we started testing Angelic Feng Shui Training before releasing it to the public. The modality worked seamlessly and beautifully. Later, the feedback we got from people who purchased the program was simply amazing.

For years now, both Bill and I used Angelic Feng Shui Training every day, for ourselves, our homes and clients, always with great results.

A few months ago, the angels let me know that they wanted me to work more with Archangel energy.

I have to confess, I had never studied much about the archangels. I only could remember the name of a few.

I knew to call on Michael for protection, and I knew that Jophiel was associated with Feng Shui. I named my youngest son after Gabriel, which means “my strength comes from God.” I knew little else.

At the same time as the angels asked me to work more with the archangels, I became extra-sensitive to other people’s energy.

Several hundreds of thousands of people have visited my website, blog, and YouTube channel. Each month, my online spaces get several thousands of hits. At any time, anywhere around the world, people I have never heard of may be connecting or trying to connect to my energy through reading my articles or watching my videos.

I started picking up all sorts of vibrations from the collective, being startled by thoughts or emotions that I knew were not my own. In addition, my energetic boundaries with family and friends felt weaker. I realized this request from the angels came at a time when I really needed it for my own spiritual evolution.

So I started to study more about the archangels.

In the beginning, when I felt fears rising, I would ask Archangel Michael to clear my fears. When I felt worried, I asked Jophiel to help me find peace.

Instead of asking individual archangels to clear things for me, I started asking specific archangels to sit with me, stand with me, drive with me, whenever I was confronting a situation that needed clearing, or better boundaries. I visualized each archangel as a hologram that could be superimposed over my body and energy field, as if the archangel was a “spiritual suit” that I could wear.

This worked much better. I knew that while Michael was “driving with me,” nothing that was incompatible with his energy could stay in me, with me, or attached to me. I knew that if Jophiel “sat with me” while I was meditating and I let my energy expand, less than love frequencies would be expelled from my home, and cleared on their way out.

Then I got a request to learn more about the other archangels, and a specific request to work directly with Metatron — God’s Scribe.

I didn’t quite know how to relate to Metatron. I first tried to ask Metatron to clear things for me. It didn’t work. At the time, I felt too intimidated to ask Metatron to “sit with me,” so I didn’t even try.

Then, one night, it occurred to me to ask Metatron to send an archangel to each of my chakras as I slept, to upgrade my body so that my body could better house my spirit.

That was the first night I slept well in weeks, and in the morning I felt like I had taken a quantum leap, a lot clearer. I felt happier, lighter, and in general more content with life.

When I shared this last piece with Bill, he tried it too, with great results.

I asked the angels if anybody could do this, and they said yes, anybody can ask Metatron to send an archangel to each of their chakras to upgrade their bodies so they can better house their spirit. However, it would work better for people who have been attuned to Angelic Feng Shui Training, because much of the “groundwork” would have been done by receiving the attunement.

So, I encourage you to try and work more with the archangels. Sit with them, walk with them, drive with them. Every night, ask Metatron to send archangels to your chakras in order to upgrade your body. And if you feel moved to do so, take a look at our Angelic Feng Shui Training website and see if getting the training is for you, or ask the angels if getting the Angelic Feng Shui Training clearing MP3 recordings at this time would be for your Highest Good.

I have recently written an article on how the 12 Archangels relate to the 9 Life Areas in Feng Shui. The article includes 4 helpful charts. Click here to see the article.

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