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Welcome to My Energy Healing Web Site!

Greetings! THANK YOU for taking the time to explore my web site. My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in Holiday, Florida in the United States.

I specialize in helping spiritual healers, lightworkers and starseeds to heal, grow and succeed. I experienced my spiritual awakening in 1991 and I began helping clients in 2000. I am the founder of several energy healing techniques; have trained spiritual healers in over sixteen countries and helped thousands of people - just like YOU - to heal, grow and succeed!

Each month I offer a free group spiritual healing session that over 1,800 people participate in and I would love to help you as well. It takes less than a minute to join this program and you can sign up in the top right hand corner of any page on this site.


My Three Most Popular Daily Healing Support Programs!

I have found over the years that while people can benefit a lot from individual healing sessions, often ongoing holistic healing support is more beneficial. I offer four daily healing support programs to assist my clients with healing, money, spiritual growth and relationships. Each program costs just $57 a month for ongoing daily help which is a great deal since I charge $47 for distant healing sessions. Please click on the graphics below to learn more!


daily-healing-support (600 x 107)

daily-spiritual-support (600 x 107)

daily-financial-support (600 x 107)


My Two Best Values on Healing & Enlightenment Products!

I was so excited years ago when I bought my first Flip Video camera because it gave me the opportunity to place up to fifteen of my most popular and powerful healing and enlightenment sessions on video for a fraction of the price I normally charged. After I created numerous videos, I created two packages of them for healing and spiritual growth that I discounted 80% off from the retail price for the videos. These are some of the best values I offer!


healing-video-vallue-package (600 x 107)

spiritual-video-vallue-package (600 x 107)


My Most Popular Spiritual Healing Program!



About my Energy Healing Membership Plans!

I believe that we each have a healing style or way we are most open to receiving healing energy. Some people prefer energy healing sessions or daily spiritual healing support while others resonate more with energy healing products or spiritual healing techniques.

Often the most effective way to heal is to combine the use of self help and spiritual healing products while receiving healing services. I created the Turquoise and Rainbow Healing Support Membership Plans described below to help people to accelerate their healing process.

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