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Ten Questions Spiritual Healers Can Ask to Expand Their Energy Healing Practice

One of the things I do each day is to ask myself questions. It really helps me to focus and to get my day off to a great start.

Q 1: What are you most thankful for today about your energy healing practice and clients?

I always begin my day with gratitude! It really ignites and jumpstarts the rest of your day.

Q 2: What are the three most important things you need to do today to grow and expand your energy healing practice?

A lot of times there are so many things on a spiritual healer’s to do list that we lose track sometimes of what is most important to get done. The Pareto Principle states that 20% of what we do results in 80% of our results. So focus on the 20% when you have limited time.

Q 3: What are the three least important things to do on your “to do” list?

After you do this, transfer them to another list for “Things I can do when I have unlimited time and energy.” This helps remove some of the pressure and overwhelm from a huge to do list.

Q 4: How can you add more value to what you are already doing to help your clients even more?

Often just a little tweak in how we operate can add HUMONGOUS value to our clients and customers.

Q 5: What are you really, really good at and how can you do more of that to help your clients?

We all have different spiritual gifts and I believe that it makes more sense to focus on what you do best than on being well rounded. You will be much happier as well!

Q 6: What do you most DISLIKE to do and can you outsource it to an employee or contractor?

This is the opposite of the fifth question but I firmly believe if you are not good at something, it should be done by someone who actually likes to do it and is good to do it.

Q 7: How can you leverage what you currently do to grow and expand your business?

I created the HealwithBill blog to get search engine coverage for all of the great material I had shared with my customers on email.

Q 8: What can you do today to create more self love, fun and happiness in your life?

The happier and more joyful you are the more magnetic you are to attracting great customers to you.

Q 9: What is the highest and best use of your time, energy and attention today?

Our greatest gifts are our time, energy and attention.

Q 10: How can you create win/win ways to best help and serve others?

The focus is always on how you can help and serve others. That is what life is all about. - See more at:

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