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REJOICE when Your Buttons are Pushed and You Get Emotionally Triggered!

Years ago when I began walking the spiritual path, I was very attached to complaining, whining and pessimism. In others words, I had a lot of negative mental and emotional programming. Almost every day several of my buttons would get pushed and I would find myself emotionally triggered often throughout the day. I felt like I was an emotional minefield. I used to get so upset about this and prayed a lot to NOT get so triggered.

Eventually as I began to meditate and grow spiritually, I began to understand the underlying patterns. It became very clear to me that whenever I got upset and triggered there was something going on within me that I needed to take responsibility for, look at and address. After I made this shift in consciousness, I cleared out a lot of my old negative programming and I became much less triggered.

When I became a healer ten years later, the same thing happened when I began working with clients. Every time I worked with a client it was like walking on eggs. At first I got very freaked out and beat myself up about this, because I thought I had lapsed and fallen back into bad behaviors, I thought I had cleared, healed and released.

I eventually realized that the reason why I would get so triggered by healing sessions was because most of my clients had very similar issues to me. After spending an hour working with them on the phone, it would bring up the next layer of clearing and healing for me around the issues the clients had. At the time it was very challenging and frustrating because for over a year I could only work with one or two clients a day.

But as I look back on this now, I see that it inspired me to create some awesome clearing and healing tools and techniques to quickly and easily release negative programming not only from this lifetime but also from many of my past lives as well. I also see now that being emotionally triggered can be a blessing rather than a huge pain in the…

Today it takes a LOT to get me agitated and triggered and it may sound twisted but after I get over the initial irritation I usually am happy. It gives me a chance to go after the negative programming to clear it out. I am not operating on the level of actively praying and requesting that I get triggered emotionally and my buttons pushed, but I do see the benefits from it.

Healing the negative emotional programming that underlies our emotional triggers and buttons allows us to experience and embody a deep sense of inner peace and alignment with the most loving aspect of our being. The only downside perhaps is that the clearer you become the more likely it is that your clarity will push the buttons of everyone around you.

Like everything when our emotional buttons and triggers are pushed, we have to have to choose between reacting to them from fear or responding to them with love. This is what emotional mastery is all about.

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